Bad Boy Tyranids VS. Njal & Squat Space Wolves

tyranids eternal crusade hor walWelcome back 40k fanatics! Today Juice is bringing you another Long War battle report featuring Tyranids and an amazing proxy Squat Army!

Today Juice is bringing his awesome Hive Fleet Lexus army against Lucus’ killer Squat conversions.  This carefully converted army is using the Space Wolves rules.  These two Forge World Automata are Lucus’ Blizzard Shield equipped Dreadnoughts.

Squat Dreads

Leading the army is a Lucus’ Njal Stormcaller conversion alongside Bjorn some Grey Hunters and a few third party Razorbacks.

Squat Army

Juice’s army of Eldritch horrors is focused around a 30 man blob of Genestealers backed up by a pair of Forge World Dimaecherons.

Bugs 2

The Swarmlord backed up by a Broodlord leads the horde.  A couple of small Hormagaunt units and a massive unit of Ravenors rounds out the force.

Bugs 1

Deployment shenannigans with Squat transports leads to them getting the first turn.  Will it be enough to let them overcome the Tyranid swarm?


Check out the whole video to find out who wins!

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