Desk Declutter for Dummies: Reclaim that Space

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Looking to clean up your hobby space? Need more room for activities? Come see some awesome some tips on reclaiming your desk space.

Cleaning up your hobby desk is the literal worst.

You lose precious hobby time, it’s boring and more often than not, it gets messy again 3 days later.

The Worst.,,

But no more!

Declutter for Dummies

 To do this, we have a two-prong approach:
1. Be Gone
2. Stay Gone
To paraphrase words of wisdom from Denis Rodman: The best defense against a messy desk is offense!

1. Be Gone

The reason things get messy real quick is because everything is accessible, even if it shouldn’t be.  Things you use once every 2 months stay on your desk because “I will need that real quick” or because ” Let’s just do this now, it will only take a second”. These thoughts are evil and should be treated as such!
Some things, like hardcore assembly tools, green stuff, sprues and bits don’t need to be at arms length all the time.  The same goes for basing materials, or terrain building supplies.  Or 460 different pots of paint for that matter.

Like, why the primer, or the full set of oil paints? Or 3 water pots? Literally no point to this.

 So grab big boxes and throw unnecessary things in there.  You can divide in 3-4 different boxes with themes, like:  Terrain, Assembly, Paint and Bits.  Not 75 boxes.  3 or 4.  5 tops, if you have like 7 different airbrushes and a buttload of doodads to go with them.

What you keep?  The basics:


  • Hobby Knife
  • Clippers
  • Glue


  • Paint brushes
  • Couple of paint pots relevant to your current project
  • Water pot
  • Paper towel and pallette
  • Your compressor and airbrush

The. End.

“But what about my…?

But I can’t…!”

This minimalistic approach to keeping the bare minimum is abusing our laziness.  If stuff is not easy to access, you’ll wait for a worthwhile occasion to take it out.

2. Stay Gone

Now the hard part here is to keep this uncluttered space uncluttered.  Cycle through what you use between projects, don’t add stuff to the pile. This seems rather intuitive, but it’s not!

The best way, I find, is having some for or organisation.  Which brings me to my next point:  cool useful toys!

Useful desk organizer doodad #1, brought to you by my roommate’s  ” Oooooooh I want one for my makeup!”

Ohuhu Acrylic Makeup Cosmetics Organizer 3 Drawers with Top Section, 9.4 by 7.5- Inch, Transparent

This thing is solid, fits everything you need handy and keeps the clutter away.  If something doesn’t fit in the fancy cabinet, it doesn’t belong on the desk!

And last but not least, a paint organizer.  These things are really hard to shop for, because everyone has a different ideal on where to put paints.  Some want wall mount, some desk mount, some want horizontal shelving, other vertical.  So you might shop around, or get these, which are convenient and incredibly affordable.

Acrylic Nail Polish Varnish Small 3-Tier Display Stand Beauty Organiser by Kurtzy TM

It offers 3 rows that fit any type of pain pots.  Again, picking a rack that isn’t too big is the key here.

Until next time,
No excuses; hobby like a champion!

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No excuses, hobby like a champion!

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