SW Destiny: Empire at War Red Hero Preview

By Barclay Montgomery | August 17th, 2017 | Categories: Star Wars Destiny, Star Wars Tactics

Are you ready for the new Hero cards for Star Wars Destiny? We have a first peek at the latest Red Hero cards for the new expansion!

The pilot of the Ghost, Hera Syndulla makes her way into the Destiny fray! At an incredible cost of only 9 points for the regular and 12 for the Elite version, Hera is an amazing character. She has a decent die, but her strength lies in her special ability. Play a vehicle from your hand for free! Then after the action phase ends, if that vehicle is still in play, return it to your hand. A quick alpha strike with a vehicle!The perfect vehicle for Hera’s ability is her flagship: the Ghost. The Ghost has massive damage potential and support capabilities. With nothing less than 2 on its die, this support is powerful. But the kicker lies in it’s special ability as well as her’s. You may resolve another side of this die. Any of it’s die sides are useful, but being able to pick which one is even better!If you need more help with your supports, Rally Aid! This support helps you get more supports. Yo dawg! I heard you like Supports. So we got you a Support that Supports Supports. As an action, exhaust Rally Aid to reveal a random card in your hand. You may play that card, decreasing its cost by 1 or by 2 instead if it a vehicle. Support the Supports! The hope of the Rebellion lies in it’s pilots, and Rookie Pilot is here to give his all! At 7 points, this super cheap character will lend his support well in a Hero deck. His die is nothing special but he can help out with his passive ability. After you activate this character you may reroll a vehicle die. Notice a theme here?Use Rookie Pilot to help out with the Y-Wing support. This 3 cost support can cause 2 ranged and 2 disrupt with its die, and has 2 special ability sides. That special ability allows you to force an opponent to deal damage to their characters or lose resources until a value of 4 is reached.

This is an amazing card that can be more consistent with the help of a Rookie Pilot.

A new upgrade to help out the Rookie Pilot is Natural Pilot. Weird right? Anyways, this 4 cost upgrade gives Rookie Pilot more support capabilities by increasing his ranged modifiers and gives him focus, disrupt, and shields. After you activate a character attached with Natural Pilots, you may ready a vehicle. Good synergy there between Rookie Pilot, Y-Wing, and Natural Pilot!

Are you ready for the Rebel assault with all of the new vehicles coming out in Empire at War?

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