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By Rob Baer | August 30th, 2017 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

hor of space marine and chaos

Games Workshop’s preview is underway come see the next 4 months of releases and 3 codex books that are coming in November.

From Sept 2017 to January 2018, Games Workshop let the cat out of the bag on their upcoming releases around 8pm EST. Pictures from the event will be spotty until they make it to Warhammer Communities as hobby hostage taker Mike Brandt has decried:

The venues, content and images from the GW Preview and FFG Panels are the exclusive property of NOVA Open

nova hobby hostage takersCool story bro… onto the reason you, the reader, came here.

This news is being live streamed to us from three different sources, and at this time is believed to be correct. There may be some slight variations as text and messenger is a bit spotty:

needs more salt

Add salt as necessary:

  • Vehicle design rules are back
  • Testing of the VDR rules with open play only
  • New matched play adjustments and missions in chapter approved
  • Everything without a codex gets rules in chapter approved
  • Chapter approved only updates the points cost of Forge World not the rules
  • FAQ and errata will be rolled up into Chapter Approved
  • New Apoc and Planetstrike in chapter approved

knight commander Pask


  • IG and nids and eldar coming in November
  • No Ynnari rules in said craftworld codex
  • Regimental rules in the new guard book, and Sly Marbo might be coming back solid maybeeeee
  • Season of war firestorm, AoS narrative campaign in a box, 4 player, expandable as you add boxes so 2 boxes 8 players (confirmed in Sept White Dwarf)
  • After codexes expand the universe through new back stories, via books similar to the Warzone series
  • Should be updating the digital codex as changes are made and with new FAQ changes. (they are just behind)

shadespire wal hor

  • Warhammer Underworld Shadespire (pre orders end of Sept for deliver in Oct Confirmed in WD)
  • Malign Portant new AoS thing, supposed to support narrative and matched play
  • Age of sigmar gets really dark
  • New Herald of Nagash model looks cool.  Holding up a big sword
  • Should be releasing more Female Stormcast models

Citadel Paint header

  • Citadel paint app shows you how get a specific color. Paint by color, miniature and bases. Step by step instructions from base to wash. Also will be free Also can color match a real world color using a picture
  • Eventually all models in paint app
  • 2 tau septs, 2 dark eldar schemes and multiple space marine schemes in the paint app and planning to add Forge World models after having multiple schemes for gw proper factions

Necromunda Wal Hor

  • Necromunda in November
  • Rulebook & Dice come with set along with cards and counter
  • Narrow corridor fighting. Tiles doors walls barricades. 10 hangers for two houses
  • Supplement called gang war for fighting In other hive areas expansion is planned
  • Templates are back for the game (unclear if same as previous years)

Looks like September 16th is the magical day for Death Guard fans. But there is lots more on the way this fall. Keep it locked here for the latest!

mortarion hor

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