Hammer Time: SW Armada Tactics

By Barclay Montgomery | August 2nd, 2017 | Categories: Star Wars Armada, Star Wars Tactics

The new Hammerhead Corvette is ready to join the fleet and smash aside the Imperial capital ships. General Dodonna is ready to lead them to victory!

General Dodonna is all about finding the perfect way to strike at the Imperials. His ability to select crits for your enemy is invaluable as a Comm Noise crit at the right time can spell doom for any ship. Hammerheads are perfect for storming in close the the enemy,

The Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette is a close combat machine. With a slew of dice of each range out of the front, this ship is effective at any range, but would love to get in close. With only 2 shields in the front and 1 on each side, the Hammerhead can be quite fragile. With Task Force Antilles, you can keep them safe on their attack run.

Task Force Antilles allows the Hammerhead Corvette to spread damage around to each ship within its formation. Whenever you suffer damage from an attack you may exhaust a copy of TF Antilles on another friendly ship at distance 1-3; that ship suffers1 of your damage instead. This mechanic works similarly to the ability that Biggs has on squadrons and being able to spread damage around to keep ships alive. A slightly damaged ship is better then a destroyed ship. Now that defense is covered, ;et’s focus on offense. With an ordnance upgrade slot, External Racks is just the thing to boost its damage. 

At 3 points, External Racks is a steal for the extra damage. 3 black, 1 blue, and 1 red out of the front arc is a great damage dealing mess that can hurt most any ship it encounters. A lucky crit can activate General Dodonna andcan add to the pain of the Imperial admiral.

Ordnance Experts is a must for any ship that wants to get in close and deal damage. Being able to reroll our black dice is invaluable for the humble Hammerhead.

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