How to Paint Lord of Contagion’s Sick White Armor

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death guard 8th hor chaosIf you have been looking for an eye-popping way to paint that sickly bone white armor of the Death Guard, this tutorial is for you!

Welcome back hobby maniacs! Today Kenny Boucher is here to walk us through how to paint your Lord of Contagion to the Next Level!

With the release of the amazing new Death Guard models in the Dark Imperium boxed set Kenny decided it was time to paint up some of these bad boys.  Here’s how he goes about recreating the classic Death Guard color scheme!

Amazingly, Kenny starts out painting a white model by laying down a bright Orange Rust base layer!  This will ensure that the parts of the white armor that show through will have a rough and worn look.

Orange Base

After the base coat is dry Kenny starts by mixing a layer of Orange Rust and Weathered White from Secret Weapon.  Using this off white combination he slowly highlights the armor of the model with eventually using a final highlight layer of pure Weathered White.

White Highlight

After hitting the model with a quick Gloss Varnish layer, Kenny mixes up a combination of the Dark Tone, Light Tone and Soft Tone washes from Army Painter.  Thinning this mixture down a little bit using some mixing medium he liberally applies it to the model.  This gives the armor a nice dirty look while preserving the white highlights and accentuating the recesses and panel lines of the figure.


Once the wash layer is dry it is time to edge the armor to give it a bright eye popping color!  By carefully applying a watered down layer of Weathered White to the edges of the panels Kenny makes the armor stand out!


Check out the entire tutorial in the link below!  Stay tuned for part II in the near future!

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