GW Releasing 30th Anniv SGT & Yet More Primaris

By James Rodriguez | August 27th, 2017 | Categories: Games Workshop, News / Rumors, Primaris, Warhammer 40k

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Games Workshop just announced the Collector’s Edition Primaris Sergeant and five man versions of Primaris marines going up for pre-order next week.

The new Collector’s Edition Primaris Intercessor Veteran Sergeant is in celebration of Warhammer 40,000’s 30th anniversary, and will be available for pre-order next week. There will also be five man box sets of what looks to be previously released multi-part Primaris marines available as well.

Let’s take a look at what Games Workshop had to say about it all minus the new pricing.

Did you know Warhammer 40,000 is nearly 30 years old? It’s true! Next week, you’ll be able to get ready for the celebrations by pre-ordering the Collector’s Edition Primaris Intercessor Veteran Sergeant.

This miniature is packed with detail, drawing on design cues from as early as Rogue Trader and synthesising them with the modern Primaris Space Marine. These include purity seals, a sheathed power sword and a Crux Terminatus, while other details on the miniature like the left shoulder pad have been left blank to allow you to customise your model to fit your favourite Chapter. This is a great way to commemorate your time in the 41st Millennium, whether you’re just joining us or you’ve been with us since the beginning. It will look right at home with the rest of your collection leading a squad of Intercessors to war.

Collector’s Edition Primaris Intercessor Veteran Sergeant

Speaking of Intercessors, you’ll also be able to pre-order the new Combat Squad sets next week. There are 3 kits – one for Intercessors, one for Reivers, and one for Hellblasters – and each builds 5 Primaris Space Marines. These are perfect if you’re just looking for a small squad to add to your army (such as a disruptive kill-squad of Reivers) or if you want to bulk out your units from Dark Imperium to full sized squads.

GW-PreOrders-Reivers-Content GW-PreOrders-Intercessors-Content GW-PreOrders-Hellblasters-Content

The new Collector’s Edition Primaris Intercessor Veteran Sergeant is a great example of where Warhammer 40,000 has come over the last 30 years. You will be able to pre-order this great new model, as well as what looks to be the five man boxes versions of previous releases, next week.

What the pricing will be is anyone’s guess, but simple math suggests that half of a $60 box set should be $30, actual pricing however may vary.

So how ’bout that new 30th anniversary model? Are you going to be getting any of the new five man boxes? Let us know in the comments below.

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