New Red Villain Cards For Star Wars Destiny

By Barclay Montgomery | August 10th, 2017 | Categories: Star Wars Destiny, Star Wars Tactics

Are you ready to feel the Empire’s fist with these new Red Villain cards for Star Wars Destiny? Take a sneak peek at the latest expansion.

Ciena Ree blasts her way into Destiny! She loves to fly and can use an action and 2 resources to ready a vehicle. Vehicles will apparently be a big part of the next expansion. Her die comes with 1 ranged, +2 ranged, 1 disrupt, and 2 sides that feature resources. Not bad for a TIE pilot!Since vehicles continue to be a theme, the AT-DP stomps into battle, ready to target enemy supports. At 3 resources, you get a support die that features 2 ranged, +2 ranged, 3 ranged for a resource, 1 shield, and 1 special ability. Being able to discard a support that costs 2 or less is going to be a huge advantage for Villains. That special ability will come in handy for targeting Salvage Stands and Imperial Inspections alike! General Hux is a new Red Villain character that adds economy to Red events. Moe of a supporting character rather than a combat character, Hux features 1 ranged, 2 focus, 1 discard, 1 resource, and a special ability that allows you to play a Red event from your hand, decreasing its cost by 1 for every character you have. Time to start making a 4 character Villain deck!Speaking of Red events, Imperial Backing can get you discounts on your supports as well. This card has Ambush and allows you to play a support from your hand decreasing its cost for each character you have. Nice synergy with Hux!. I feel a Lrik Sonic Cannon will be perfect for this choice. Fall Back is a 4 cost Event that might be worthwhile to include with Genral Hux. This event makes each player choose 1 upgrade, starting with the one who played Fall Back. Discard all upgrades from play that were not chosen. This card makes you choose which upgrade you would rather not lose, then have to face facts that all the others will be gone. Nasty!Red Alert can work in a deck that favors many characters. It allows you to ready a non-unique Red character. Tapped a Stormtrooper for Drudge Work? Use this to ready him again to deal some damage!

These new cards are in favor of supports and vehicles, but also resource economy tactics. Will you join in during the Empire at War?

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