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8-19-17 Primaris Releases Post

Come see the final wave of Primaris Marines releases to hit the shelves from GW with the Primaris Inceptors, Upgrade kit, and dice!

We cannot remember a time where we weren’t reviewing some sort of Primaris product. We finally have the Inceptor Multi-part Box Set and Primaris Upgrade kits which round off the Primaris release schedule for now. At least until we hear the news concerning the rumored Primaris super-heavy armored tank.

For now, here is a sample of our quick and dirty review to give you the lowdown on what you can expect to find in these kits. Scroll down and press play on the full video below for our complete review.

Primaris Upgrade kit

The Primaris Upgrade Kit is the first we have seen that is specifically meant to be used in upgrading Primaris models. It comes with shoulder pads, heads, arms, and extra detail bits. If you were to see this sprue without seeing the Primaris packaging, you could say that it looks like a normal Space Marine upgrade kit. There is nothing negative to say about this kit really. You will have enough bits to customize any of the current Primaris units.

Primaris Sprue

The Primaris Inceptor Box Set comes with two sprues that contain three Inceptor models. It is a multi-part kit that contains different weapon options, different arm pieces, helmet options, and more. The assembly of these Inceptors will differ slightly than the ones we saw in the Dark Imperium. The kits comes with the standard assault bolter and the new plasma exterminator, which are multi-part to aid in customization and conversion. If the front guards on the assault bolters annoy you, then you do not have to put them on. The plasma exterminator comes with hoses and attachable front bits, just like the Hellblaster Box set that we saw last week. Overall, this kit has a lot of customization to offer.


Primaris Inceptors: $50


The swiftest of the Primaris battle-brothers, Inceptors fill the role of spearhead troops. They hit the enemy in one sudden and overwhelming blow, leaving them reeling as follow-up waves of Space Marines drive home the attack. Equipped with jump packs and reinforced armour, Inceptors can be dropped from the very edge of a planet’s atmospheric envelope, weaving and twisting through the skies before slamming down into the enemy’s midst. This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a set of 3 Primaris Inceptors. Clad in Mk X power armour featuring a bulky jump pack – thrust-vectoring rocket engines mounted on the Space Marine’s back, enabling fast, bounding leaps to close on the foe at dizzying speed – they present a unique, easily recognisable silhouette.

The jump pack itself and the blast shield cowl that protects the Inceptors’ heads from the immense heat of the pack’s rockets dominate the miniature, with posable fins, shock-absorbing devices attached to the boots and extra cabling and vents unique to this kit. The Inceptors can be armed with either 2 plasma exterminators each or 2 assault bolters each – the plasma exterminators are heavily shielded to provide protection against heat discharge and the assault bolters feature distinctive box magazines.

5 helmets are included, designed to be used with the blast shield cowl – no bare heads here, obviously! 3 blast shield helms are included and 4 purity seals – this includes 1 double seal used to distinguish the Sergeant. The Primaris Inceptors come as 117 components, and are supplied with 3 Citadel 40mm Round bases, 3 45mm flying stems and a Primaris Space Marines Infantry transfer sheet.

Warhammer 40,000 Astartes Dice: $20


The perfect set of dice for your games of Warhammer 40,000, this set of 20 dice is split into 4 colours, each with a symbol representing a different specialist role within a Space Marines army. Included:

5 x Black dice with Chaplain icon on the 6.
5 x Red dice with Techmarine icon on the 6.
5 x White dice with Apothecary icon on the 6.
5 x Blue dice with Librarius icon on the 6.

Of course, each die features a skull on the 1 – it wouldn’t be right not to include that!

Ultramarines Primaris Upgrades: $15


This pack of plastic components can be used to upgrade a variety of Primaris Space Marines with iconography and details specific to the heroic Ultramarines Chapter. 20 components in total are included:

– 5 Ultramarines Mk X power armour shoulder pads, for use with Hellblasters and Intercessors;
– 3 purity seals;
– 2 Ultramarines Mk X Gravis power armour shoulder pads for use with Aggressors;
– 2 bare heads (one with hair, one without);
– 1 Ultramarines helmeted head;
– 1 Marksman’s honour;
– 1 Mk X power armour shoulder pad, designed for Sergeants/characters from Hellblaster and Intercessor squads;
– 1 Mk X Gravis power armour shoulder pad, designed for Sergeants/ characters from Aggressor squads;
– 1 Sergeant/character arm holding a gladius (and a scabbard for said gladius);
– 1 Sergeant/character arm with an auspex;
– 1 grenade pouch.

These Primaris Marine releases are available now online and in local Games Workshop stores. Be sure to press play on our quick and dirty review video below for the full product breakdown.

For more on the Primaris Marines and all things Warhammer 40k, visit Games Workshop!

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