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By Barclay Montgomery | August 11th, 2017 | Categories: Star Wars Destiny, Star Wars Tactics

General Veers, prepare you men for battle in Star Wars Destiny! This vehicle supportive character will ensure that the might of the Empire crushes all resistance.

General Veers is an excellent all around character that has been featured mainly in a Jango Fett tag team. If you focus on using his ability, you can really stretch his usefulness further. Using his ability, you may remove on if his character die to turn one of your support dice to any side. This can be helpful for your vehicles!

The AT-ST is currently on of the most powerful support vehicle in Destiny. This massive support can fire huge volleys of ranged firepower and will always be on target with General Veers around. If dice control is a concern of yours, recruit two TIE Pilots to your forces.

This ranged support focused character can ensures that your ranged dice stay on target. Whenever this die is in your pool, your enemies won;t be able to shake their damage. TIE Pilots need their TIE Fighters, and General Veers has them ready.

The First Order TIE Fighter is an excellent support craft that can put the ranged pressure on the Resistance. Vehicles will be a big part of the Empire at War expansion, as seen in this spoiled Event.

Pinned Down is an amazing 0 cost Event that can allow you to spot a vehicle to remove a die. What an upside simply for spotting a vehicle! General Veers will soon be a powerhouse in his own right. Will you join the Empire in their campaign for dominance?

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