Waiqars’ Characters & Archers Pack a Punch!

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Welcome back hobby maniacs! Today we’ve got the awesome new Waiqar Reanimate Archers and Infantry Command Kits for FFG’s Rune Wars system!

Fantasy Flight Games’ new tabletop battles game Rune Wars continues to produce awesome new models.  Today we’re looking at some of the fantastic new units they’ve released recently for their Undead faction, the Waiqar!

Waiqar Infantry Command $24.95

The undead are terrifying foes, known for their tireless strength and single-minded purpose, but no less terrifying is the fact that each of the champions leading Waiqar’s hosts possesses centuries of experience in military tactics and strategy. These military geniuses support their battle plans with the steady, inexorable beat of skeletal drummers and the sinister sigils raised by the gaunt standard-bearers. And perhaps worst of all, necromancers stalk the ranks of Waiqar’s army, raising the fallen to fight again in the name of their lord. Waiqar Infantry Command

Reanimate Archers $24.95

The hiss of Reanimates’ blighted arrows raining down from the skies sends even veteran soldiers scrambling for cover. Wounds inflicted by these arrows rapidly necrotize: flesh peels away, foulness spreads, and bones crumble and crack. Panic spreads as healthy warriors fall, rotted from within. Able to kill at range and afflict their targets with the blight of the Mistlands, Reanimate Archers inspire fear in even the most stalwart soldiers.

Reanimate Archers

Check out the whole unboxing video in the link below for more details!

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