$300 Army Challenge: Primaris vs. Genestealer Cult

The Ultramarines are ambushed by a stealthy Genestealer Cult in this $300 battle version of the 8th Edition Long War Battle Report.

Today, Austin greets James in the studio with a great challenge: $300 of Primaris Space Marines vs $300 of Genestealer Cult. The Primaris Space Marines are fighting for five rounds of battle to defend their base and objective markers while the Genestealers are ambushing.


James’ Genestealer Cult contains 60 Genestealers ($90 per unit, 20 models per unit), 2 Patriarchs from eBay at $80, and the two Primes for $40, plus a 20% discount for the $300 army, approximately.

Austin is playing with Ultramarines with a Vanguard and Supreme Command detachments that include: Reaver Attack Squad ($30 for 5), 10 Primaris Intercessors ($60), Primaris Hellblasters ($30), the Aggressors and Inceptors at $50 each, Redemptor Dreadnought ($65), Primaris Captain ($35), Lieutenant Captain is approximated at $10 each, and Calgar for $40.

Primaris Marines by Herohammer Studios

The Ultramarines deployed in the base with the Genestealers ambushing. Turn 1, James is limited on ambush zones due to the Ultramarines’ deployment in the back of the table. He decides to charge head on to the first set of Primaris, bringing the first unit in 9 inches away from the enemy units. He is successfully able to bring in a second unit and advance 2D6 inches for 6 inch advance. They charge in and lose 1 model from overwatch. The second unit also makes its 9 inch charge. For 20 attacks, hitting on 2’s, the rending claws tear through the Reavers quickly.

In part 2 of turn 1, Austin is surrounded by Genestealers and has to hold out in his fort, moving straight to the shooting phase. The Ultramarines are able to take out 16 Genestealers with the first round of firing. The Redempter Dreadnought is able to take out 3 models from one unit and 11 models from the second unit, wiping the Genestealers down to 4 models on the table.

Will James be able to bring in his Patriarchs for psychic attacks? Will Austin be able to wipe down the next wave of Genestealers? Find out how the narrative plays out and who wins by pressing play on the video below!

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