Forge World Teases New Astartes Chapter Doors

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Games Workshop just revealed what’s going to be on the way for Forge World. Come take a look at some brand new vehicle doors.

The latest announcement from Games Workshop reveals brand new vehicle doors that will bring your Deimos Rhino and Repulsor to the next level. Let’s see what they had to say about it.

No Space Marines army is complete without a few iconic battle-tanks, whether you’re thinking of bringing an ancient Deimos Predator or a shiny new Repulsor to your army. Soon, it’ll be easier than ever to customise your tanks to match your Legion or Chapter, with a whole set of new doors on the way from Forge World designed to fit a variety of vehicles.

Forge World Doors

For Horus Heresy fans, the new Deimos Rhino doors fit this venerable vehicle perfectly, while if you prefer to play in the 41st Millennium, the new Repulsor doors mean you’ll be able to tie your tanks to the rest of your force.

Forge World Doors

Expect to see doors for loads of Space Marine Chapters and Traitor Legions in the coming months .

In case you missed it, let’s take a look at the preview from the Forge World Open of the other doors that will be available for your Rhinos, Land Raiders, and Repulsor..

There are loads of new tank doors on the way for both the Horus Heresy and the 41st Millennium. As well as our traditional packs for Land Raiders and Rhinos (including Deimos Pattern Rhinos), you can expect to see doors for every loyalist Chapter that will work great for customising your new Repulsor!

FW Open Day Heresy DoorsFW Open Day Heresy Doors FW Open Day Heresy Doors FW Open Day Heresy Doors

So it looks like these are just the beginning of new options that will be available for your vehicles. Forge World pieces will make any army look amazing, and now you’re vehicles will be able to match it. Make sure you check back in with us for the latest updates and releases from Forge World.

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