Hard Plastic Sisters of Wolves Kickstarter Funded

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hard plastic sisters wolves

The new Warmaidens & Dragonbreds Kickstarter is now funded and they’re featuring the plastic Sisters of Wolves. Come check it out!

Shieldwolf Miniatures has officially gone live with their Warmaidens & Dragonbreds, and these new plastic Sisters of the Wolf look truly impressive! Let’s take a look at what they had to say about it.

Plastic Sisters Wolves KSPlastic Sisters Wolves KS

This is a miniatures-only project and has been created in order to complement the Krumvaal Northern Alliance female army, which includes troop miniatures, cavalry and other (larger) goodies in hard plastic (HIPS) as well as other fantastic miniatures of this army in high quality polyurethane resin.

Plastic Sisters Wolves KS

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some designs illustrated might be changed according to tooling restrictions but also any other needs the project demands. This is a crowdfunding campaign to create something completely new; this is NOT a pre-order!

Plastic Sisters Wolves KS

After which, more female factions come into play like our Paladin faction who in the Shieldwolf World are the guardians of knowledge and protectors of faith, the Sisters of the Kingdom of Talliareum. And more to follow!

Plastic Sisters Wolves KS

We start this project with the fantasy Wolf Wardens and sci-fi Sisters of Wolves; for each fantasy kit we unlock, Shieldwolf Miniatures will fund an alternative hard-plastic kit for the sci-fiversion making thus new pledge levels available to its backers (i.e. new Raiding Parties, Starter Armies etc).

Plastic Sisters Wolves KS

These lovely fantasy and sci-fi female armies provide miniatures fitting for both skirmish and army gamers & collectors!


Each Wolf Wardens Infantry box (click on link for larger image) will include enough parts to assemble 20 multi-part hard plastic miniatures allowing you a large variety of items to choose from (weaponry, multiple head versions, etc).

This Kickstarter is already extremely popular, and not one you’re going to want to miss out on. They’ve already met their initial goal of $30,000, and from the looks of it the fans aren’t anywhere close to stopping. Head on over to Shieldmaden’s Kickstarter show them some support, and pick yourself up some of the new Sisters of Wolves minis while you’re at it!

kickstarter badge funded

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