Harpoons Ahead: Star Wars X-Wing

These nasty new Aces for the Scum faction are going to be a pain to deal with! Check out the latest from the Guns for Hire expansion for X-Wing! A new Kihraxz Fighter Ace, Captain Jostero is a pilot skill 4 ship that has a new an interesting pilot ability. Once per round, after an enemy ship suffers damage, not from an attack, you may perform an attack against that ship. This  is an interesting ability that has been hinted at being included in the game, and it finally has made its way into X-Wing. This ability can be triggered by an enemy suffering damage from a bomb or even from an Assault Missile. Get 2 attacks with Captain Jostero!The new Vaksai title will be a huge force multiplier for Captain Jostero. Adding up to 3 modifications and reducing their points can make for an insanely damaging ship. A new type of missile upgrade is just the thing for Jostero!Harpoon Missiles is a 4 attack munition upgrade that can be fired at range 2-3. If this attack hits, assign the “Harpooned!” Condition card to the defender. This Condition card applies a negative effect to the defender. The “Harpooned!” Condition card states that whenever you are hit by an attack and if there is at least 1 uncancelled crit result, each other ship at range 1 suffers 1 damage. Then discard “Harpooned!” and receive 1 facedown damage card. This missile can trigger Captain Jostero’s ability to add even more damage potentially when he gets to attack with his pilot ability. Furthermore, if you are destroyed with the “Harpooned!” Condition card on your ship each ship at range 1 suffers 1 damage. This card can really mess up an enemy ship as it also has an action ability to remove it,but you must roll an attack die and suffer a damage on a hit or crit. This missile is a nasty upgrade that can make an enemy ship continue to bleed damage.

The Scum are not afraid to use “alternative” tactics to ensure that their enemies perish. Will you be nasty enough for this latest Scum expansion?

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