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Knight Models continues to tease Batman Miniatures Game Second Edition rules and changes. Let’s take a look at what is new!

Knight Models was founded in 2008. Since the beginning of the company they have been teamed up with Marvel Entertainment Inc. and DC Universe, putting out amazing miniatures for both franchises. They have released several teasers for the new Batman Miniatures Game 2nd Edition. They have also teased an images of the new Batman, Nightwing, Law Forces, and Blackgate Prisoners miniatures.

Harvey Dent Crew

These Blackgate Prisoners models are looking fresh. The new Batman miniature is definitely generating a buzz among Knight Model fans. As is the new Nightwing sculpt that is based on a gargoyle head. Now, lets see what Knight Models had to tease for Batman 2nd Edition:Batman 2E mini

Contact and Speedsters (Part 1)

Now a model will not be able to shoot if it has an enemy in contact* instead of within 5cm.
*For a model to be considered ‘in contact’ with another model, any part of its volume must be touching or interacting in some way with the other model. Base-to-base contact is always considered ‘in contact’. To be classed as ‘in contact’ with a marker or scenic item, the model’s volume must be touching the item. 

Arkham Guard

We also want to bring forward one of the changes that will affect Speedsters. Speedsters will be able to use as many Speed Force Powers as they want, per round (As long as they have the necessary Speed Force counters). In following teasers we will show you changes to the traits that affect them directly and a new rule that will make them have to manage their resources well.

Traits Update

Batclaw/GRAPPLE GUN (1MC+1SC): Once per Round, this model gains +8” to its basic movement distance, and can move in any direction (including vertically). However, the model cannot use this rule in two consecutive activations.

Nightwing 2E

Movement and Speedsters (Part 2)

The actions Run and Spring into the Air are disappearing. This was a difficult decision, because we wanted to limit the number of Movement Actions and enhance the ones without changes, giving us a set of Movement Actions solid as concrete. We also bring forward changes that affect Speedsters. In 2nd Edition, with the new changes shown on older teasers, we believe that more Speedsters will appear in the game board, and will have to manage their Speed Force Counters more accurately.

Arkham Guard 3

With this new rule, Action Counters will be determinant in their game:

When a model with the Speedster trait has not any Action Counter, it suffers -1 to Movement and Defense Basic Skills. With all of this, we thought that Speed Force Master needed a little update:

Speed Force Master
This model can spend up to 2 Speed Power Counters during the round like Action Counters.

Arkham Guard 2

Trait Update:

The Batcape and Mixed Combat Style, a new trait for the new 2nd Edition:

Bat Cape (1SC, Passive)
As long as it is able to spend a Special Counter, the model will not take Damage, be Knocked Down, nor become a Casualty as a result of Falling or Jumping. In addition, the model may Leap Down without spending the MC, and without using any of its total movement allowance.

Mixed Combat Style (2SC)
The model may perform a close combat attack action and a free ranged attack action in the same activation this round (no Action Counters are required for the ranged attack).

Batman 2E card

There are the teasers for Batman 2E Miniatures Game. Knight Models is definitely making large strides to streamline the game and add more combat options for players to explore.

Are you liking these teasers so far? Any changes you hope to see made by Knight Models?

Knight Models

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