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By Juan Lopez | September 27th, 2017 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products, Kromlech

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Kromlech has released a new modelling accessory to their lising: their very own PVA Glue. Let’s take a look at this new hobby adhesive!

Kromlech continues to be the “one-stop shop” for many hobby needs. Now, they have added their very own PVA Glue to their modelling accessories line. It is a water-based adhesive that is transparent when dry. This makes it ideal for miniature basing and scenery making. Kromlech has stated that their PVA Glue will work very well with sand, gravel, static grass, tufts, other scatter materials, MDF, and much more.

PVA Glue: $9.50


Kromlech PVA glue is white, water-based adhesive, transparent after drying. It is ideal for miniature basing and scenery making – works very well with sand, gravel, static grass, tufts and other scatter materials. PVA glue may also be used for sealing Kromlech Weathering Powders. Works very well with MDF or other wooden materials, cardboard and paper.

Basing – add glue to the base of your miniature and then sprinkle sand or other scatter material over it. Leave it to dry completely. If glue is too thick, dillute it with water. MDF models (buildings and other) – cover one or both surfaces with a thin layer of PVA glue. Press and hold materials together until it dries for best effect. Terrain making – use for gluing any type of material which absorbs water (foamboard, cardboard, expanded polystyrene, foam, MDF, HDF and other wood, paper). Also works very well for attaching foliage to trees and bushes. Best for adding scatter materials to your scenery pieces. Drying time varies depending on type of material, temperature and humidity.

Kromlech’s PVA Glue is available now on their on-line store.

For more on their PVA Glue and other great bits, kits, and more, visit Kromlech!

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