Popular 3D Bits Site Gets Purged Again!

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Popular 3D upgrade bits site Pop Goes the Monkey has just had more items purged from their Shapeways store allegedly courtesy of Games Workshop. 

Two weeks after the first purge of products at Pop Goes the Monkey, and Pop threatening to fight their removal, it is happening again.

Shapeways, for those who don’t already know, is a high end 3D printing company that allows users to create their own Marketplace where they designers can upload their own 3D files for others to purchase 3D printed items. Pop Goes the Monkey is probably the most popular Warhammer Marketplaces on Shapeways, and now, without warning, they have had even more items purged from their web store.

Shapeways has a very strict copyright policy, and any company that feels someone is infringing on their copyright can submit a take down request.

PGTM PurgeUltimately this is probably what Games Workshop did with a lot of Pop Goes the Monkey’s designs (seemingly line by line).

As specified in our Terms & Conditions, we expect that the creator of a 3D design hold the copyrights to the content. Hence, please only upload your own original work, work that is freely available through a Creative Commons license, or work that does not infringe on the rights of another copyright holder.

If it was their doing, this isn’t the first we’ve seen Games Workshop going after people for copyright infringement, or Pop Goes the Monkey, and it’s most likely not going to be the last. One of the designs that were taken down was of a shark, or a Carcharodon which is what the design was labeled as. For those of you who don’t know, Carcharodon is defined by Merriam-Webster as:

a genus of sharks (family Lamnidae) comprising the man-eater and a number of extinct related forms having carcharodont teeth.

pop goes the monkey vs gw

So what gives on this one? Is it too close to something GW has made, or is this just a case of someone being heavy handed?

EDITOR’S NOTE: We can confirm Games Workshop is the company taking issue with these items on PGtM’s site. We’ve also obtained this list of assets Games Workshop is referencing in their notices on these products. You can compare what is shown here as part of their submission to what has been removed from the PGtM’s site.

There is of course some interesting iconography that they chose to submit, as well as ones that you may expect to see as well.

gw claim1

With over 900 designs still available on Shapeways, even after the latest purge, there’s still plenty of items available to upgrade your miniatures. So, make sure you head on over to Pop Goes the Monkey‘s Shapeways Marketplace and get those orders in before anything else gets taken down.

We’d really like to know what you have to say about the recent purge of Pop Goes the Monkey’s web store, both the claimed “infriniged” icons list as well as the custom designs themselves.

Where do you think both parties should go from here?

POP Goes the Monkey

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  • Son_of_Corax_XIX

    Your really surpised this is happening when hes using GW names etc which is a basic breach of IP come on, you cant take his side when hes in the wrong.
    Just before anyone says anything I like his work and have bought myself but right is right and stupidity is stupidity

    • spikeybits

      Interestingly enough the article we wrote just stated the facts and asked what you thought? No one here is taking sides, sorry if the confused you in that manner.

      • Son_of_Corax_XIX

        Hahaha don’t make me laugh, we all know who you side with on these things. We all know the ulterior motives of these articles.

        • spikeybits

          How you react to anything is ultimately up to you my man.

          • Son_of_Corax_XIX

            Not at all it’s just we all know how you guys think just reading between the lines in how an articles are written

          • spikeybits

            Your quote from above: “you cant take his side when hes in the wrong.” Seems like that’s what you said, yes?

          • Lance Arnold Chummer Butterby

            I think he’s a bit confused, spikey

          • spikeybits

            I’m not mad… I’m just disappointed…

          • Son_of_Corax_XIX

            Not at all as if I meant Spikeybits I would have said “”you cant really take his side when he’s in the wrong Spikeybits” to make it aimed at you rather than stating that people cant take his side in general like I did by not mentioning a name, that’s the difference between making a statement in general and making a specific statement aimed at someone or something. I can’t help how you interpret a sentence, but by you interpreting it that way I can tell you are on Popgoesthemonkey’s side just by the initial reaction.

  • Andrew

    I think this is getting ridiculous. If GW wants to prevent this, then MAKE THIS STUFF AVAILABLE TO US! If they aren’t going to make this kind of stuff, then they should allow it, hell, even charge this guy a fee to make the stuff. GW is likely never going to release this kind of product, so why not make some free money off of it? I need Flesh Tearers pads and icons, and now I can’t buy them. I understand GW owns the symbols and all, but where do I get this stuff from now? I don’t.

    • Son_of_Corax_XIX

      Buy moulding putty and make moulds to allow you to make greenstuff ones

      • Andrew

        So cast my own, huh? You’re literally saying its o.k. for me to make an illegal copy of existing pads, but PGtM is in the wrong? Perfect logic…

        Also, the time and effort it would take to do that is astronomical…for shoulder pads. I don’t have time to paint, key Ali be sirens another 20+ hours making shoulder pads for each of my armies.

        • Son_of_Corax_XIX

          Not illegal to sculpt your own for your own use and conversions, GW encourages that. It frowns upon you making money off its IP as it should as a company.
          Not alot of time or effort at all just buy blue stuff from Greenstuff world

          • Andrew

            I’m not a sculptor dude, what I would produce spoilt lol like a pile of dog crap, and I want my models to look NOT like dog crap. Your solutions are not practical to a large majority of us.

          • Son_of_Corax_XIX

            Dude, do you know what blue stuff is? Its used to make moulds. This requires no sculpting

    • Carl Waine

      Paint them on. GW aren’t going to pay the money required to produce the moulds for stuff as niche as half of these badges, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to stand by while somebody else profits from the universe they’ve created.

      • Andrew

        I do not have the skills to paint them on, hence I would want something like these. If GW made these, is buy from them but they DON’T MAKE THEM. It would cost GW almost nothing to produce these pads. But, they wouldn’t sell amazingly, so why care? This guy producing pads that GW never will produce isn’t hurting ANYONE. In fact, it likely is giving GW more sales cuz people still need kits for the pads to go on.

  • Dustin Kuczynski

    Some of that shit cant be intellectual property the eye of horus is fucking thousands of years old…. The ultramarines is an upside down GREEK LETTER.. and if im not mistaken i believe the sign for chaos is also ancient Egyptian. Also that thousand suns logo is Oroboros… another thing that has been around way before we were all born… Its not intellectual property.. its like owning a coffee mug company and suing people for also making coffee mugs.

    • Carl Waine

      Intellectual Property doesn’t necessarily mean that the icon itself is copyrighted, but its use under certain circumstances. For example, the Ultramarines badge could be used in many circumstances without breaking IP regulations, but you can’t use it in conjunction with a sci-fi warrior, because that would be a breach of GW’s IP.

  • Carl Waine

    PGtM is definitely in the wrong here. Regardless of whatever loopholes people try to find, he is intentionally trying to profit from GW’s IP. He provides a useful service, but definitely not an entirely legal one. He’s just lucky they’re merely having shapeways take down the lines and not going further, given GW’s predaliction for being somewhat heavy-handed with its legal department

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