Rebels Storm The Corellian Campaign: Armada

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A new ambitious campaign is brewing again in the Corellian sector of known space. This ongoing Armada series will follow the Rebel fleet!

The Grand Admiral of the Rebel Alliance fleet is none other that Admiral Gial Ackbar. His wise tactical knowledge of space naval warfare will prove useful to the ships in his fleet. Adding 2 extra red dice to any ship that declares attacks from its broadsides will punish the Imperial fleet from afar. Having such a sound tactic, Admiral Ackbar is most at home on the MC80 Assault Cruiser.

This refitted Mon Calamari cruiser has improved defenses and heavier broadside turbolasers to bring to bear against the Imperial Star Destroyers. Favoring long ranged attacks, it bodes well to invest in improved Ion Cannons as well to help with the some times fickle Red dice.

Leading Shots is the perfect upgrade for Admiral Ackbar’s Assault Cruiser. With 6 red dice out of his broadsides, they will need blue dice to help them stay on target. Being able to spend 1 blue die to reroll the less accurate red long range dice will make those hits land true on the hulls of Imperial ships. Ackbar’s fleet will also feature a pair of MC30 c Scout Frigates to help engaeg at range.

The humble Scout Frigate can spell doom for much large Imperial ships that underestimate itsraw damage potential. Keeping at range will make its defensive suite shine, having 2 Evades and 2 Redirects. Those redundant Evades will also allow for a turbolaser upgrade that can up their damage output.

Turbolaser Reroute Circuits is a fantastic  upgrade that allows you to spend 1 Evade, and exhaust its card, to change 1 red die to a face with a crit or a double hit. This is a great way to make your red dice really count, even if they are fickle. Just spend and Evade and add 2 hits to your damage pool. The Nebulon-B Support Refit will serve as a finisher in this fleet.

The Nebulon-B is an older ship, but none the less a good one that can still dish out damage at long range, surprisingly effective. Turbolaser Reroute Circuits will be an additional upgrade for this ship as well, and will fly towards the rear of the fleet and pick off any wounded Imperial craft.

The fleet is ready and formed up! We have intel that a Rebel Outpost at the Saberhing Asteroid Belt is under attack from an Imperial fleet. Admiral Ackbar is ready to intercept and defeat the Empire! For the Rebellion!

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