Shields Up! SW Destiny Jedi Heroes Deck

By Barclay Montgomery | September 29th, 2017 | Categories: Star Wars Destiny, Star Wars Tactics

The way of the Light Side of the Force is about protection and defense. These Blue Heroes in Star Wars Destiny will show you the true path. Qui-Gon Jin is a Jedi Master with much shield potential. His die is focused on melee damage and shields, and he has a passive ability that allows him to deal 1 damage to a character whenever he gains 1 or more shields by removing a shield. There are quite a few Blue cards that add shields, but let’s focus on his partner.Ashoka Tano is a powerhouse Blue Hero. Her die features 2 melee, 2 melee, 1 discard, 1 shield, and 1 resource. She also comes with the ability to ready Ashoka after you roll her character and upgrade dice by spending resources equal to how many dice you rolled. This allows for some crazy damage potential in being able to activate her twice. For this deck, it is better to have the elite version of Qui-Gon and the normal version of Ashoka. Ashoka’s signature weapon, the Shoto Lightsaber is a 2 cost Blue weapon that boosts her attack and has a nifty passive effect. After you activate a character with Shoto Lightsaber equipped, you may gain 1 shield or remove 1 shield if you have another blue weapon equipped. This is a great effect once you double up on Blue weapons. To make sure that you get your Blue weapon synergy going, use Lightsaber pull to grab another Blue weapon from your deck and then shuffle it. This is a super fast way to get your Blue characters up and running with fast tempo gains! 

A great weapon to pull from your deck is Ancient Lightsaber. This 2 cost upgrade has a ton of melee damage ans shield potential that can boost either Qui-Gon or Ashoka up in a hurry. It also has the action ability to heal 2 damage from its attached character then place it on the bottom of your deck. Then use Lightsaber Pull to bring it right back!

The way of the Light Side is to use shields for knowledge and defense. Learn the ways of Qui-Gon and Ashoka. Save you it can!

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