The Undying: Waiqar Expansions Unboxing

Waiqar the Undead Army

The Reanimators grow in number as Fantasy Flight Games releases three new expansions to flesh out the armies of undead to further terrorize Terrinoth.

The armies of the undead arise again to surge into the realm of Terrinoth with three exciting new expansions for Runewars, brought to us by Fantasy Flight Games.

Here is a sample of our quick review of the easy-to-assemble models and content in each expansion packs. For the complete review and of the new Waiqar the Undying, be sure to scroll down and press play on the full video below.

waiqar carrion lancer 2

We begin with the Carrion Lancers Unit Expansion Pack, which features two plastic figures and one new to the starter set. The figures are easy to assemble, snapping together with relative ease, though they will require a little clean up. One of the sculpts came within the starter box previously released and one sculpt is brand new. You also receive a new command dial, bane and rune tokens, rules sheet with a few updates and action dials, unit cards, and eight new upgrade cards. The upgrade cards have 4 Waiqar Carrion Lancer specific cards and 4 generic cards, which provide great new way for using the two new models.

Carrion Lancers Unit Expansion Pack $34.95

waiqar carrion lancer 4

The massive Carrion Worms that follow the armies of Waiqar the undying are not easily tamed, but those that are prove to be valuable assets for the carrion worm masters on the field of battle. Carrion Worms are swift for their size and inspire fear in the heartiest of Waiqar’s enemies.

The Carrion Lancers Unit Expansion features two Carrion Lancer Plastic Figures, one new and one identical to the core set, to expand your legions of the undead. The expansion also features eight new upgrade cards to improve your armies and crush your enemies underfoot.

waiqar ankaur maro 2Seeker of the mystic arts Ankaur Maro joins the Waiqar army with two model choices to table: infantry and calvary. Both models are easy to assemble, snapping together completely and easily. You also receive a new command dial, pieces of terrain, bane and rune tokens, rules sheet with a few updates and action dials, unit and terrain cards, and six new upgrade cards plus a new setup card! The upgrade cards have 4 Ankaur Maro specific cards, 1 Waiqar specific cards and 1 generic card.

Ankaur Maro Hero Expansion $24.95

waiqar ankaur maro 3

Few names inspire fear in the citizens of Terrinoth like Ankaur Maro. As a young wizard studying at the Universities of Greyhaven, he quickly became known for his great skill and even greater ambition. This drive and disregard for boundares in pursuit of power became his undoing,  Ankaur Maro was expelled from Greyhaven and disgraced. Not one to be deterred, Maro soon found himself in the inner circle of dark sorcerers, where he learned the secrets of flesh and blood and bone and death. Maro has found a new home in the service of Waiqar the Undying, his powerful dark magic a beacon of strength for the undying legion.

The Ankaur Maro Hero Expansion comes with two Ankaur Maro figures for the Waiqar in the form of cavalry and infantry versions, as well as six upgrade cards, four for use with any army and two exclusively for Ankaur Maro.

Seek ultimate power, raise the dead and overwhelm your opponent with mystic arts with the Ankaur Maro Hero Expansion.

Finally, we look at the reanimates expansion pack, which features eight models and two movement trays. Four of the eight models have new sculpts that have not previously been seen. The box also includes the command dial, rules sheet and action dial, unit card, and upgrade cards with one specific Waiqar card and four generic cards. The action dial adds in a panic token, which seems like a great addition to the game play and use of Reanimates. The new upgrade card allows more opportunity to bring the Reanimates back into the game prior to empty trays being removed from the game.

Reanimates Expansion Pack $24.95waiqar reanimates 2

Though each reanimate is but a fraction of the being they were when they followed Waiqar in life, the legion of skeletal warriors strike fear into the hearts of those that would stand against them. An unquenchable spite and loyalty to the dread Waiqar the Undying drive the legion to destroy anything in their path.

Expand your ranks of the undead with the Reanimates Unit Expansion. Featuring eight reanimate plastic figures in four different sculpts, the expansion contains everything you need to add one Reanimates unit to your own army. Overrun your opponents with an undead legion and raise your dead with the Reanimates Unit Expansion.

These exciting new expansions are available on Fantasy Flight Games’ online store. Be sure to press play on our video below to see all the awesome new features included in each box.


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