Ultimate Power: New Blue Destiny Villains

By Barclay Montgomery | September 7th, 2017 | Categories: Star Wars Destiny, Star Wars Tactics

The Dark Side of the Force is strong an answers only to raw power and hatred. But you’ll love these new Blue Villains cards for Star Wars Destiny!

The Grand Inquisitor continues his hunt of the Rebels into Star Wars Destiny. His fearsome character die, features 2 melee, 3 melee for a resource, 2 focus, 1 resource and an insane special ability. His special ability side allows him to remove a character die showing a blank to deal 2 damage to that character.This is an impressive ability that has both die removal and damage capacity. Pure evil! The Grand Inquisitor’s Lightsaber comes along with him. This 4 cost weapon has a hefty price, but it has staggering ability. # melee, 3 melee for a resource, +3 melee, 2 shields, and 1 special ability side pack this die with tons of high powered actions. The special ability side combos perfectly with the Inquisitor’s special ability. The perfect setup requires both special ability sides of the Inquisitors die and his Lightsaber Die. This will give you the ability to turn a character die to a blank side, remove that blank die to deal 2 damage to that character, and then reroll the Inquisitor’s Lightsaber die back into your pool. This is a huge combo breaker!Quinlan Vos, a fallen Jedi Master, enters Empire at War as a Blue Villain character. His die features 2 melee, +2 melee, 1 discard, 1 resource, and a special ability side. His special ability takes careful consideration. Deal damage to an opponent’s character equal to the number of cards in your hand more than the number of cards in that opponent’s hand. Say that you have 5 cards in your hand and your opponent has 2. Use Quinlan’s special ability to deal 3 damage to a character. Not bad! He pairs very well with Assajj Ventresss to aid in reducing your opponent’s hand. Embrace your Hate and the Dark Side of the Force! This 1 cost upgrade features Redeploy and allows you to deal the attached character 1 damage, when activating, to deal another character 1 damage. This can be used to keep the pressure on and to keep the clock ticking in an aggro based deck.It Will All Be Mine is a very interesting Blue Villain Event in this expansion. Much like We Have Them Now, this card allows you to change die faces to an side, but that’s not all. You may turn each of an opponent’s dice showing a blank to any side, and then resolve any number of those dice in the order of your choosing as if they were their own! This is a crazy die manipulation card that removes opoonent’s dice and resolves them as your own to deal damage, gain resources, and any combination you choose. It can all be yours! Are your opponent’s many non-unique characters getting you down? Why not Kill Them All? This 1 cost event deals 1 damage to each non-unique character your opponent has. This is a great way to deal with a triple Death Trooper list or any list that features more than one non-unique. Kill Them All!Finishing up our preview, we have a 0 cost Blue Event that allows you to reroll one of your Blue character dice showing a blank and then resolve it. This is a great utility card that will work well in the Inquisitor’s deck, and has good synergy with another Blue Event, Manipulate.

The Villains have just as much power as the Heroes in this next expansion. Will you be ready to defeat the Heroes with ultimate power?!

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