Empire Of Men Kickstarter Late Pledges Available

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empire of men stormtropers

The Empire of Men Kickstarter may have ended but that does not mean you have to miss out on a chance to get a hold these awesome miniatures!

Archon Studio‘s Empire of Men Kickstarter ended a few days ago and surpassed its goal $5k by earning a grand total of $85k. The were able to meet all stretch goals. If you happened to miss out on this Kickstarter, don’t worry.

Late backer options are now available on Archon Studio’s on-line Kickstarter store. Four options are available and range from $99 to $318. Below are just some of the latest additions that were added before the Kickstarter ended.

The Storm Troopers will be available as sets of 5 resin models, with 25mm plastic bases and retail at $12.

As well as these great new models to join the ranks, new upgrades for Little Eagle tanks have been designed. These four new turrets give very different flares to each Little Eagle tank with a variety of gun options now available. As well, the Tank Commander can be available as an add-on for hitting different social media goals.

Giant Titan Empire of Men

The Mammoth sculpt that Archon Studios has been teasing was previewed and is an available add-on with your Late Backer pledge. The Mammoth walker will have two leg assembly options and they will be posable. This four-legged monster looks to be fantastic.

The late backer pledges are available now for purchase. If you do purchase, an e-mail will be sent to you with the pledge manager link where you can enter your shipping address, purchase Add-Ons, and pay for shipping. To see the full range of miniatures that Empire of Men has, check out their Kickstarter!

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