GW Drops Free Eldar Rules PDF: Bonesinger

Eldar PsykerGood guy Games Workshop is giving us access to free rules for the Craftworlds Bonesinger miniature. Come take a look at latest update.

The Bonesinger is one of the miniatures that has made a return for a limited time, and now Games Workshop is providing us with a free set of rules for him. Let’s take a look.

The re-release of the Bonesinger was the perfect opportunity to flesh out this fascinating figure with a datasheet of their own. For the first time ever, you’ll be able to represent Bonesingers on the tabletop, meaning it’s not just a great piece for collectors, but for gaming, too.

While the Bonesinger has rules in the box, we know some of you were lucky enough to get this legendary miniature when it was released, so we’re making them free to download.


It’s great to see Games Workshop making the rules for the Bonesinger free for everyone to download. This makes it a lot easier for people that have the original model to be able to play it without having to worry about buying another one just to get their hands on the rules. You can download a copy for yourself here.

The Bonsinger is going to cost you 70 points to field it. It has a 7″ Movement, WS/BS 3+, Strength 3, Toughness 3, 4 Wounds, 1 Attack, Leadership 7, and a 6+ Save. It seems like the Spiritseer is going to be the better choice….


The Spiritseer is only 66 points and comes with  a much better stat line. It has the same Movement, Strength, Toughness, and Save, but it has a WS/BS 2+, makes 2 Attacks, and a Leadership value of 8. For 4 points less this seems like a much better choice.

The Bonesinger is just one of the old school models that are available for a limited time.

Take a look at the rest of the Made to Order classics.

Eldar Made to Order

An oldie but a goodie returns, checkout the old Rogue Trader Fareseer bottom left, and the old exclusive Bonesinger model, center, both in the composite image above.

Do you remember the fabled Necromuda Farseer as well that unfortunately is NOT part of this offering?

Necromunda Farseer Yrthrian Mardawn  Courtesy of SOL

This may be the last chance to get your hands on some old school minis, so you might want to jump right on it and get them ordered.

What are your thoughts on the new rules for the Bonesinger? Are you going to be getting any of the out of production minis? Let us know in the comments below.

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