Knight Models Teases New DC Constantine & Zatanna

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Knight Models teases two new miniatures that are in the works for Batman Miniature Game 2nd Edition. Let’s take a look at these two heroes!

Knight Models was founded in 2008. Since the beginning of the company they have been teamed up with Marvel Entertainment Inc. and DC Universe, putting out amazing miniatures for both franchises. Having released the 2nd edition of their Batman Miniature Game, they are now adding more miniatures to their ever expanding game universe. They have teased 2 new miniatures on their Facebook page: Constantine and Zatanna. Sadly, no release date or prices were given but each miniature features an excellent attention to detail and highlights their magical qualities.


Constantine Knight Models


Zatanna Knight Models

The response to these miniatures has been overwhelmingly positive. Players are hoping that the Zatanna model will have rules for the DC Universe Game. With the release of these magic using characters coming soon, it appears that more Magic/Spirit users will start appearing. Should we get our hopes up for a Raven model?

Do you like these new miniatures? Are there any characters that you are hoping for from Knight Models? Let us know in the comments below!

For more on these miniatures and the 2nd Edition Batman Miniature Game, visit Knight Models!

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