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Necromunda Wal Hor

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the latest teasers for Necromunda that we’ve seen so far in anticipation of the November release.

The latest teaser for Necromunda is giving us another preview and some background for the upcoming November release. These images were spotted in this month’s White Dwarf.

OCT WD Necromunda

OCT WD Necromunda

War in the Underhive has a lot of people excited for the upcoming Necromunda release. We had a man on the scene at the August preview from Games Workshop and this is what we know about the upcoming Necromunda game.

Necromunda Underhive

  • November 2017
  • Templates and map boards
  • Boxed Game
  • Set at the bottom of Hive Primaris
  • Zone-mortalis style tiles
  • Lots of corridors and chokepoints
  • Doors and barricades (plastic ones to included in box, freestanding)
  • 20 gangers in base box – 10 each of Esher and Goliath.
    • Models are multi part “to some extent”
  • Underhive is the launch point for necromunda
  • Supplements will expand the game out of the underhive.
    • First supplement will come out the same time
    • Expands the game into the mechanicus sector, use the SW:A mechanicus terrain
    • Ability cards, alternate activations

Shortly after the preview event Games Workshop put out their own update on Necromunda, including a new teaser video.

The new core set for this game is absolutely packed with content to get you started: a full board representing the sewers and confines of the underhive, a rulebook, character cards, templates, dice and of course, your gangs.


There are two full gangs in the box – one set of nimble warrior-women from House Escher and one set of gene-crafted brutes from House Goliath. Each of these miniatures is detailed, characterful, and true to the classic spirit of Necromunda – hairstyles and all! We’re very pleased to say that both these gangs will be full, multi-part kits, with an enormous level of customisation.


One of the best things about Necromunda is building a gang and equipping your gangers with wargear, and each kit is absolutely packed with options. There are weapons for any situation, from classics like the stub gun to more esoteric choices like the repurposed industrial equipment of House Goliath or the chem-weapons of the Eschers.


As well as these, you’ll be able to arm your gangers with grenades, gas masks, additional armour and even modular hairstyles. Whichever gang you build, each member will be a character in their own right – perhaps a lumbering Goliath bruiser equipped with a rudimentary stub-cannon, or a fast moving Escher assassin wielding twin duelling laspistols.

The set’s gaming tiles and simple bulkhead scenery allow you to play games very quickly and easily, and make the game very portable.


As well as the underhive style of play covered by the boxed set, there will also be ways to play Necromunda with the multi-level skirmishes that defined the classic version of the game. These work great on tables using the Sector Mechanicus terrain sets released earlier this year (great news for anyone who built a Shadow War Armageddon board).


Both ways to play are tense, tactical games that recreate the no-holds-barred brutality of underhive war – you’re going to have a blast.

Necromunda Models

Necromunda: Underhive is looking like it’s going to be a great remake of the classic game, and it looks like your templates aren’t completely useless after all. The new models for the two gangs look absolutely amazing and we can’t wait to get out hands on this box set. Games Workshop might just have another hit on their hands already! People were seen having fun testing the new game after their preview event. This isn’t the last we’ll be hearing about the upcoming release, so make sure you check back in with us for the latest updates.

What do you think about the upcoming Necromunda release? Are you going to be picking up a copy for yourself?

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