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This was another great weekend for the hobby with a lot of news coming out of GW. Come check out the latest rumors, updates, and new releases.

Here’s what happened over the weekend in the world of tabletop:

Forge World New Releases Revealed

Thunderhawks wallpaper Forge world

This week’s Forge World new releases are in and all we’re seeing the new Custodes Telemon Heavy Dreadnought and Tau Tigershark.

GW Previews New Alaitoc Codex Rules

ranger aliotoc

Games Workshop just gave us another preview for Codex: Craftworlds, and it looks like Alaitoc and Fire Prisms just got a whole lot better.

As GW’s Sales Climb, Will Store Shelves Go Bare?

warhammer statue hq gwBusiness is booming for Games Workshop right now, but now it seems they’re having an even hard time keeping up with production. What does this mean for us?

New Eldar Codex Teasers Drop on WarhammerTV

eldar cover

WarhammerTV dropped some juicy previews of never before seen material from the Craftworld Codex set to release next week!

Codex: Craftworld Stratagems & Traits SPOTTED

Fast Attack eldar

With the new Codex: Craftworlds set to release next week, we are getting a closer look as to what Stratagems and Warlord Traits are available!

New Eldar Relics & Psychic Powers Revealed

eldar cover new wal hor

With the new Codex: Craftworlds set to release next week, we are getting a closer look as to what Relics and Rune Disciplines are available!

Latest Novels Incoming From The Black Library

yncarne aeldari

The newest titles from The Black Library is now available for pre-order. Let’s dive right in and see what’s new this week on the lore side of things!

RUMORS: Next Primarch Release In Plastic?

primarch walpaper space marineThere’s a new rumor floating around that might just reveal who the next Primarch release will be. Come find out the latest and you be the judge.

FFG Previews New X-Wing Expansion

Alpha Class Star WingFantasy Flight Games just gave us a preview of the new Alpha-class Star Wing Expansion Pack. Come take a look at the new versatile Imperial ship.

Eldar Codex Points & Datasheet Changes SPOTTED

avatar of khaine eldar hor wal

With the new Codex: Craftworlds set to release next week, we are getting a closer look as to the points and datasheet changes that are inside!

This was a truly a busy weekend for tabletop fans everywhere! We got to see all sorts of content from the new Codex: Craftworlds, a new rumor that Angron will be the next big primarch release from GW, a preview of the new Alpha-class Starwing Expansion for X-wing, a new rumor that raised some red flags on GW’s current production abilities, and we also saw new releases from Black Library and Forge World.

What do you think about everything that happened over the weekend? Let us know in the comments below.


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