New Isorian Pulse Bikes From Warlord Games

By Juan Lopez | October 25th, 2017 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products, Warlord Games

Isorian Pulse Bikes

Warlord Games has released a new squad to reinforce the Isorian IMtel in their fight against the Concord and any other threats!

The Isorians have become fully integrated with alien technology and the Isorian Pulse Bikes are a great example. These pulse bikes are fully sentient drone machines that are designed to carry their riders in quick strike attacks. Both rider and machine are protected by phase armor and armed with an assortment of plasma weaponry. The Isorian Pulse Bike kit contains three bikes with a mixtures of metal and resin parts.

Isorian Pulse Bike Squad: $32


The Isorian SV21 Takhan Pulse Bike is a fully-sentient drone machine. A squad is comprised of at least three Pulse Bikes together with their riders. Pulse bikes are designed for speed; they are lightly armed but exceptionally fast and manoeuvrable. Striking quickly and avoiding becoming entangled in close action, they excel at hit-and-run tactics against stronger but more sluggish forces. Their main role is to act as scouts, high-speed interdiction units, raiders and as advance elements in capture and hold missions.

Suspensors provide the machines with buoyancy and low-speed motive propulsion whilst higher speeds are attained with the assistance of highly advanced synchronised pulse motors.

Each rider and machine is protected by phase armour, augmented by hyperlight boosters, enabling the squad to shrug off light weapon fire with ease. The Takhan Pulse Bike is armed with either twin plasma carbines or a single hard-hitting plasma lance, enabling it to deal with a variety of target types.

Contains the following resin and metal models:

  • 1 x Pulse Bike Leader with plasma carbine, mounted on a Pulse Bike with twin plasma carbines
  • 2 x Pulse Bike Troopers with plasma carbines, mounted on Pulse Bikes with twin plasma carbines
  • 3 x Plasma lance upgrades

The Isorian Pulse Bike Squad is available now online or at your FLGS.

For more on the Isorian Pulse Bike Squad and the Gates of Antares, visit Warlord Games!

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