Star Destroyer Sniper Build for SW Armada

By Barclay Montgomery | October 5th, 2017 | Categories: Star Wars Armada, Star Wars Tactics

The newest version of the Star Destroyer will make the Empire even more powerful against the Rebel threat. Take note of these tactics to thwart the Rebels!

The Imperial Star Destroyer Cymoon 1 Refit is a power-house of a ship. Featuring 4 red dice and 2 blue out of the front arc and 3 blue and 1 red out of the sides, this ship is made for long range combat. Let’s start outfitting this ship!

Gunnery Team is a given on a ship that has long range focused dice. Being able to target 2 enemy ships from your front arc is a huge way to get bang for your buck. This ship has the potential to really pump out some damage, but we are not done yet.

The Cymoon 1 Refit has 2 Turbolaser slots that can maximize its long range potential. We can start off with Spinal Armament, gaining 1 red dice in the front and rear arcs. This can push out 6 red dice from the front arc, and utilize Gunnery Teams to blast 2 enemy ships to smithereens. Red dice are notoriously fickle so we can try and counteract this fact.

Quad Turbolaser Cannons is a great way to make sure that your attacks hit home. Being able to add an accuracy when 1 of your red dice also has an accuracy is a great way to lock down your enemy’s defenses. This can block a Brace and a Redirect to make sure that your dice go through to hull.

Making sure that all of your dice hit can be a problem with red dice. Veteran Gunner is a great weapons team that allows you to reroll all of your attack dice in your pool. This may seem like you are losing out on damage, but accuracy results are removed when the are spent, which is before the modify dice step. This can make sure that whatever damage you get with your reroll, you will have locked down the crucial Brace and possibly a Redirect before damage is dealt.

The new Star Destroyers are specialized for war. The Rebellion will have no chance.

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