What Is The 6×6 Rapid Assault Vehicle?

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Secret Weapon Miniatures is always up to something exciting. Take a look at this cool little multi-part vehicle that would look awesome on your tabletop!

The 6×6 Rapid Assault Vehicle complete kit is back from Secret Weapon Miniatures! It comes with multiple different turret options including an awesome flame kit and auto cannon! This kit is multi-part with both resin and metal pieces. Scroll down and press play on the video below to see the entire product review!

The kit is very well detailed on all pieces, having great adaptability for many different armies. There are 6 wheels that can either be applied flush or like the vehicle is turning. The weapon options are pewter, including several different options for the front mounted gun.  

Compared with the Chimera, the Rapid Assault Vehicle gives a lot more weapon options for playing in game, plus some different character for your table top miniatures. In profile, they are also about the same and come with similar weapon options except the heavy bolter turret and flamer, only available on the Rapid Assault Vehicle.

6×6 Rapid Assault Vehicle– $60

The 6×6 Rapid Assault Vehicle is a multipurpose quick response vehicle designed to harass enemy supply lines.

28mm kit is compatible with most 1:48 – 1:35 terrain, models and accessories. The finished kit measures 5 long (127mm) 3.25 wide (80mm) and 2.5 (60mm) to the top of the turret.

For more great hobby supplies, take a look at the other fun things Secret Weapon Miniatures has to offer. For the entire review and comparison to the Chimera, be sure to press play on the video below!

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