How Do YOU Stay Hobby Motivated? Pic of the Day

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We all have problems getting and staying motivated to paint. Come see three articles worth of motivation in one BIG post!

Here’s a few article to get you back into the trenches and working out those hobby muscles!

Video Games Wrecking Your Hobby? 7 Motivational Tips

Hobby is a labor of love. It takes time, patience, and more. Check out these 7 tips to help you get away from the..

3 Best Ways to Kickstart Motivation & Get Painting

Citadel Painting

Finding it hard to get the motivation together to start painting? Today we’re going to give you a couple tips to kickstart….

How to Stay HOBBY Motivated!

emperor-hmmm sm

Suffering from new release shellshock? How do we stay inspired, or even more, how do we maintain inspiration for our hobby?

What are your tips and tricks to stay on track?

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