K-2SO to the Rescue: Star Wars Destiny

By Barclay Montgomery | November 3rd, 2017 | Categories: Star Wars Destiny, Star Wars Tactics

The real hero of Rogue One is here to take on the Villains in Star Wars Destiny. Come check out this K-2SO deck for the Heroes!

K-2SO is an interesting character that may seem like he has too many drawbacks, but there are ways around his abilities. To play a weapon on K-2SO, you must pay 2 extra resources. You can get around this by playing cards that move weapons to him, subverting the normal cost of equipping a weapon. This can also result in him being readied! His melee sides of his character dice will work well with melee weapons and Blue Heroes excel at that!

Kanan Jarrus is a great partner for K-2SO. This enables Blue cards to be added to this deck to help equip  K-2SO without the extra cost. Kanan is more of s supportive character as  K-2SO will be the powerhouse in this build.

Bestow is an incredible card that can enable  K-2SO to hit his stride. This Blue Event costs 1 resource and allows you to move a non ability upgrade from one character to another. This can work by equipping Kanan with a weapon and then playing Bestow to switch it to  K-2SO in a hurry!

Hand Crafted Light Bow is a powerful upgrade that can go on  K-2SO through the Bestow Event. This gives  K-2SO ranged and melee capacity and has fantastic special ability options. A truly powerful upgrade for  K-2SO! The sequence can be activate  K-2SO, equip Kanan with Handcrafted Light Bow, play Bestow to switch the Bow to K-2SO, ready him and activate  K-2SO again!

All of these actions require Teamwork, which will be a great upgrade for Kanan. It has ranged and melee support and can give  K-2SO and Kanan shields in a pinch. Try this winning team at your local hobby store today!

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