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Wyrd Games has launched their companion app for Malifaux Second Edition for both Android and Apple. Come check out it’s features!

Wyrd Games has launched the free Malifaux Companion App titled “Bad Things Happen”. The launch was a bit rocky with some regions not able to certain regions due to a glitch. It appears to be fix at the time of this article. The app itself is full of options and will allow you to track your Malifaux collection with several search filters. You can build crews to test different combos and build lists for events. These lists can then easily be shared by copying to your clipboard or even by a QR code.

Malifaux App

Now, the app does have a one time purchase option if you want to access all the stat cards in full detail. The app also helps you manage Encounters by giving you the choice between formats and crews you can jump into the action. You can select Schemes and track player’s’ scores easily. Wounds and Conditions can also be tracked as the game progressed. New models and upgrades can be added easily on the fly.

Malifaux deployment app

The app will be consistently updated with addition features and functionality upgrades for free. Wyrd Games has big plans for this app and they are excited to see how they are received by the Malifaux community.

Bad Things Happen (Android) & (Apple)

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Bad Things Happen is the perfect app for Malifaux players. It allows you to track your model collection, build Crews, generate Encounters, and track in-game statuses. It includes the stat cards for every Faction, allowing you to quickly and easily peruse your options.

The Malifaux Companion App id available now for Apple and Android for free. There is a one-time in app purchase for full access to the character stat cards.

For more on this app and all things Malifaux, visit Wyrd Games!

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