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Primaris Captain Post

Come take a look at the exclusive Primaris Captain with a Power Fist and can only be found at Games Workshop stores on their Birthdays and openings.

The Primaris Captain with power Fist can only be found at various Games Workshop stores around the world during a grand opening or birthday. It retails for $35 at any Games Workshop store that has them available. Our very own Rob Baer was able to get his hands on one and couldn’t wait to get this miniature on his paint bench for a closer look.

For our complete review, be sure to scroll down and press play on the full video below.

Primaris Birthday Captain sprue

This kit contains one sprue with nine bits that are well detailed and easy to put together. He comes armed with a power fist and plasma pistol. Now, if you are wanting to do some customization work, the head, shoulders, and backpack will be the easiest bits to swap out. His torso and cape are another matter, since the cape section also holds one of the Captain’s legs. The front torso does have some room for custom iconography from any of your favorite Space Marine chapters.

Primaris Birthday Captain Rules

The Primaris Birthday Captain does have his own datasheet. He clocks in at 87 points at base. Add in the power fist and plasma pistol and he finishes at 106 points. He does not have any other weapon options so what you see is what you get. He does have the Rites of Battle bubble ability which will be beneficial to other Space Marine chapters. He is decently resilient with 6 wounds and a 4+ invulnerable save with his Iron Halo. He can hit on a 2+ as well.

Whether this kit is worth your hobby dollars or not, is a decision only you can make. Rob goes further in-depth on this kit in the review video below.

The Primaris Captain With Power Fist is available now at your local Games Workshop store. Be sure to press play on our quick and dirty unboxing and review video below for the full review.

For more on this kit and all things Warhammer and hobbying, visit Games Workshop!

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