Scarlet Rain: Star Wars X-Wing Build

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The Firespray has been around since the early days of X-Wing, but it still is hitting hard and taking names on the tabletop!

Kath Scarlett is a great Scum ace that has an amazing ability for a Firespray. When you are attacking a ship inside your auxiliary firing arc, you may roll 1 additional attack die. This is an interesting ability that favors Kath showing her rear to the enemy more often than normal.

Expert Handling is an interesting Elite upgrade that can add some maneuverability to the Firespray. As an action you can perform a barrel roll and receive 1 stress token. Then you may remove an enemy target lock. This upgrade not only can break enemy  ordnance target locks, but can gain the ability to keep Kath Scarlett’s rear firing arc in enemy targets.

Since the Firespray has a crew seat, Tail Gunner is a perfect fit for Kath. When attacking from your rear-facing auxiliary firing arc, reduce the defender’s agility by 1 to a minimum of 0. Tail Gunner can ensure that your enemies in your rear firing arcs are at your mercy, and Kath adds an extra attack die. If you manage to get an enemy at range 1 of your rear, 5 attack dice and -1 agility is not looking good for your enemy.

If you are in a bind and can’t seem to get your rear arc on target, an Illicit upgrade can do the trick. Burnout SLAM is a great way to increase your range and distance from your enemy but it can also reposition you to make sure that your rear can deliver a nice shot the next round.

Kath Scarlett prefers to keep her enemies behind her, but this is bad news for anyone that pursues her.

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