Top 20 Cyber Monday Wargaming Sales

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artelw miniautres sale

These sales want YOU!! Tons of deals are still to be had out there on tabletop war-gaming folks. Don’t miss our updated list of cyber Monday sales!

The holiday sales season is here! Checkout our list below of the biggest and best sales carried over from Black Friday, and some new to Cyber Monday.

We will be updating this post as the day progresses when, and if,  new sales are revealed.



gw store wal 1



Warlord Games


Warlord Games Deals

warlord sales

Checkout the latest deals on their site’s main page for Cyber Monday

Arena Rex

Arena Rex sale

Arena Rex is a game of gladiatorial combat.  Battles of 3 to 6 combatants per side are recommended, and take approximately 30 to 40 minutes to play. They are having a 15% off sale in their web store that will run through the end of the year. Visit Arena Rex to see their awesome miniatures!

Shapeways / Pop Goes The Monkey


Shapeways, the makers of 3D-printed Warhammer 40 bits and accessories, will be having a sale on Cyber Monday, November 27th. There will be FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $25. Visit PopGoesTheMonkey and get your order together!



No Cyber Monday Sale listed as of press time. Kromlech, those purveyors of bits, terrains, Orks, and more. Visit BitsOfWar and be prepared to spend those hobby dollars!

Prodos Games

ciber monday - fb - collectors bundle


25% off Cyber Monday Sale, and no new logo for the sale displayed as of press time. Checkout the Prodos Games store for more information.

Den Of Imagination

Den of Imagination

Den of Imagination is a gem of a company that provides a range of hobby services that include painting, sculpting, converting, and much more. They have a 5% service discount and a “high” discount on Games Workshop models that are not webstore exclusive till end of 2017. They also have a collection of unpainted models that are also for sale. For more information on their services, visit Den Of Imagination!

Anvil Industry

Black Ops Friday

From 24th through to 30th November, Anvil Industry presents : BLACK OPS FRIDAY : THEIR FINAL MISSION. There is also as a huge 30% discount on our Black ops and a selection of related Exo-Lord products. it is also the last chance for gamers to get their hands on these veteran kits. Visit Anvil industry for more information!

Creature Caster

Creature Caster

Creature Caster specializes in two things: quality and large evil creatures. Creature Caster Presents the Build Your Own Bundle, Black Friday Event. Now, brave adventurer, the power of the bundle is in your hands! Having already started on November 20th, the sale will run until midnight (PST) on December 4th. You can combine any models you choose to make your own Bundle Deal using the following discount codes:

“Bundle2” for 10% off any two models

“Bundle3” for 15% off any three models

“Bundle4” for 20% off four or more models

Simply enter the discount code (no quotations) at checkout to receive 10%, 15%, or 20% off of your bundled models. Any in stock, or preorder model can be added to your bundle! Visit Creature Caster to see what wicked, evil, and/or decayed creature suits your fancy!


artelw miniautres sale

Affordable miniatures just got even cheaper. Checkout ArtelW’s Etsy  and eBay sales through December 10th repectively!

Wargame Exclusive

Wargame Exclusive

Wargame Exclusive has a varied selection of alternative minaitures for Warhammer Fantasy and 40k. They have a 20% discount for customers through the Black Friday weekend. Simply enter the code BF2017 when placing your order. Visit Wargame Exclusive for more information!

Broken Egg Games


Broken Egg Games is dedicated to aiding gamers with handy accessories to improve the hobby quality of life. They have 20% off orders off $100 or more and free domestic shipping on any orders over $200 dollars. Offer does not discount Trays or TableTop World although they do count towards minimum purchase and free shipping amounts. Visit Broken Egg Games to see what their hobby accessories can do for you!


Table War Sale

TABLEWAR has 20% off their F.A.T Mats and Macro Mats from November 20th and will run until November 30th. Visit TABLEWAR for more information on these quality gaming table mats!

Battle Foam

battlefoam sale

No Cyber Monday Sale listed as of press time, however their BF banners are still up.

Battle Foam had a Mega Black Friday Sale with 15-60% OFF applied store wide in cart, and free shipping on orders of $400 or more. Visit Battlefoam for more.

Kabuki Studio

Kabuki Studio Sale

Kabuki Studio is taking part in the Black Friday chaos. From today until November 27th, all the orders from €50 will be posted with NO shipping charge, no matter where you live. They are using the EXPRESS solution (DHL) so that the delivery is set for 24-48 hours for Europe and 72 hours for the rest of the world. Not yet happy? They will add a FREE DM07 “The Fool” miniature to your orders! Visit Kabuki Studio to see all the amazing miniatures and busts!

Stiff Neck Studio


SNS has a ton of already painted miniatures ready for purchase over the holiday. You can browse their wares on their store site here.


terrain4games BF sale

Checkout some amazing deals on terrain and more, up to 50% off on the Terrain4Games webstore.

Games Workshop Store Bundles Breakdown


Are you a manufacturer with a sale this weekend? Drop us a line to support AT spikeybits to get on our updated list for Cyber Monday if your sale is still in effect!

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