Another Quick & Easy Way to Paint Yellows

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Imperial Fists are stalwart warriors, standing for the Emperor. Take a look at this quick and easy way of painting up this loyalist legion!

Painting yellow can be daunting but this tutorial shows how smooth it can really be. To see the entire process, be sure to scroll down and press play on the video below!

imp fist yellow base

To start, P3’s Bogrin Brown is used as the base coat, mixed with Vallejo Flow Improver in the airbrush, and sprayed on all spots that yellow will be. This needs to be applied lightly and in thin coats, as multiple coats will be used. Meaty Ochre by P3 is mixed in 50/50 with the base color to start building up a transition. That transition should be focused on the flat panels but applied overall. Flash Gitz Yellow by Games Workshop is added in and applied over the flat panels to build up more of the yellows, leaving the browns as the shadow colors.

imp fist prehighlight

Marrow White by P3 is mixed in with the yellow to create a light highlight. This will look like a yellow pastel, which isn’t the color desired but applies a great pre-highlight. After dry, apply the Flash Gitz Yellow back over that spot in a very thin spray and the color will look better, but keep that same highlight. After this is dry, apply Gloss Varnish to protect the paint transitions that have been built.

imp fist blue cape transition

For the cape, Gravedigger Denim and Thalmar Black from P3 are mixed and brushed on via paintbrush, thin paints. Don’t let there be build up or it will dry oddly. Apply several coats of this when each layer is dry until the cape is ready. Arcane Blue by P3 is added into the mix and airbrushed thinly and slowly onto the cape to build a highlight and neat transition. Keep building the highlight by adding more Arcane Blue to the mix to build the highlight up until you are at pure Arcane Blue. You can even mix a little white in to get a nice shine and light blue highlight at the tips!

imp fist yellow

Finally, glue the model back together and fill gaps as needed. For washes, Army Painter Light Tone is mixed with Quickshade Wash Mixing Medium and applied over the yellow portions of the model to bring out all the details and add shadows. Combining the wash with the Quickshade Mixing Medium, and applying over a gloss-varnished model, will help prevent staining and get the wash to settle into crevices rather than staying on wide surfaces.

There it is! Painting yellow in Imperial Fists, clean and easy! Stay tuned for the next step: adding detail. Be sure to check out the entire process by pressing play on the video below!

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