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The Arquitens ship prefers the safety of long range, but this new build seeks to get right into the thick of the fighting, Blast off into close range with this new build!

This build will push the envelope as far as the Arquitens is concerned. Most times the Arquitens prefers to hang in the back, but this build will see it push aggressively forward.

Having redundant Redirects will come in handy once Advanced Projectors is equipped. At close and medium ranges, the Arquitens Evade cannot be used, so the primary defenses will come from the Redirects. Contain can keep the Arquitens crit free in a pinch.

Since the Arquitens has a load-out designed for long range combat, it will need squadron support for close to medium combat. Since the Command variant has a squadron value of 2, Fighter Coordination Team can help push squadrons closer to the enemy. Decimators will be a great squadron escort. 

Decimators are speed 3, but can extend their reach with Fighter Coordination Team. Since they also have Rogue, the Arquitens can focus on other commands besides pushing squadrons. The Decimators can make up for the Arquitens lack of punch with their impressive battery of 3 blue dice.

There are more ways to use the ships within the Armada game, it’s good to try out new things!

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