Nightsisters Cometh: Star Wars Destiny

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The Nightsisters are sinister users of the Dark Side of the Force and its magicks. Come and see what they can do in Star Wars Destiny. 

Asajj Ventress starts this party off with her aggressive tactics. Her melee sides and focus make for a great die and disrupt and resources help boost your upgrades and control elements. Her ability is icing on the Dark Side cake by forcing your opponent to discard 2 cards for rerolls.

Mother Talzin, the Nightsister Matriarch, comes into the game with a strong control element. 1 ranged, 2 ranged, 1 focus, 1 discard, and 1 resource make for an interesting die. But Mother Talzin comes with an ability that happens upon her activation. After you activate Talzin, you may look at the top card of a player’s deck. If If its cost is an odd number, you may turn one of that player’s dice to any side. Interestingly, this can work for either you or your opponent.

The Crystal Ball can help make Mother Talzin more consistent with her ability. This 1 cost upgrade has 2 sides with 1 focus and 2 sides with resources. But the kicker is its ability to allow you to look at the top card of a deck. This can work with Mother Talzin’s ability. This way you can look before you use her ability.

The Nightsister Coven is here to back up Mother Talzin. This 1 cost support is a means to get free damage. After a character die rolls a blank, you may exhaust the Nightsister Coven to reveal the top card of a deck. If its cost is an odd number deal 1 damage to that character. This is a nice passive ability that can gain information about your opponent’s upcoming card plays and also deal damage.

Look into your Crystal Ball and the Dark Side of the Force will help reveal your opponent’s game plan!

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