Red Two Standing By: Using Wedge in Destiny

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Red Two reporting in to lead the Rookie Pilots and the Rebellion to victory! Come and see one of the best pilot’s of the Rebellion in action in Destiny!

Wedge Antilles, Squad Leader enters the battle in Star Wars Destiny. Wedge is ready to lead your vehicle squads to victory with his amazing Power Action, which allows him to turn one of your vehicle dice to any sides. His character die are focused on indirect damage by having 2 indirect, +3 indirect, 1 disrupt, 1 shield, and 1 resource. He will pair well with characters that have more direct damage as his Power Action will result in his primary means of dealing damage.

The U-Wing is a powerful vehicle that can do wonders with Wedge at the helm. Since its die has sides that will always give you something, it will be extremely versatile with Wedge’s Power Action. Its special ability can either shield your characters or deal 2 damage to each of your opponent’s characters.

If you need die removal, try to make a Crash Landing. This 0 cost Event allows you to remove a die showing damage, ranged, melee, or indirect, and then deal indirect damage to your characters equal to that die. In a pinch this can remove a powerful die from your opponent, and spread the damage out to your characters, hopefully through your shields from U-Wing support.

To finish your opponent off, make sure to start your attack run with the Resistance Bomber. This vehicle support has tons of indirect damage potential by having a die with 3 indirect, 3 indirect, 6 indirect for a resource, and 2 disrupt. With Wedge’s help, you can focus down whatever indirect damage you need. This support is on a timer however, as you must place 1 damage on it after its die is resolved, and discard Resistance Bomber once it has 3 or more damage on it. But it will ensure massive damage value while its in use.

Wedge is the perfect squad leader for the Heroes in Star Wars Destiny. Set up your units for their attack run!

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