Runewars Latari Archers & Inf Command: REVIEW

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latari elves expacAs dangers stir in the Terrinoth, the Latari Elves bring forth new units to stand and defend their homes: Archers and Infantry Command.

The Latari Elves are dedicated to defending their home, the Aymhelin Forest. Fantasy Flight Games has released two expansions to the elves army in Runewars, expanding their lore and abilities with these versatile units. For the full video review, be sure to scroll down and press play below!

Latari Elves Infantry Command Unit Expansion $24.95

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latari infantry commandThe Infantry Command comes with four infantry command characters plus unit tray, five upgrade cards, twelve unit cards, and three overgrowth markers. The new Overgrow rule allows overgrowth tokens to be placed on terrain if an upgrade card or unit has the “Overgrow” keyword. The terrain then interacts with other game effects. Terrain cannot have more than one overgrowth token on it.

latari command cardsModel-wise, the assembly varies in ease from simply adding a head to a little fiddly due to arms and weapons. The model has a lot of detail for being so easy to build. There are mold lines to clean up, but will paint up nicely to create a neat addition to the army.

Deepwood Archers Unit Expansion $24.95

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deepwood archersSince so many archers came in the starter box, there are no new poses in this box. The box includes counters and dials (as well as the immobilize counter), five upgrade cards, a unit card, and eight models. The models are fairly easy to assemble and have several different poses, but have been seen before. The archers have Precise 1.

archers upgrade cardsOf the five upgrade cards, two are unique to Latari Elves faction: Pathwalker’s Amulet (gain protected while defending upon discard) and Hunter’s Guile (may replace one dice with a white dice if in range 1 of overgrown terrain). The chance for a mortal strike can be useful, depending on the situation.

For more information on Runewars, and to see other expansions for the Latari, head over to Fantasy Flight Games. To see the entire review of the Latari expansions, be sure to press play on the video below!

Models provided by FFG for this review.

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