Stunning Scratchbuild Azrael Chapter Master NMM

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Don’t miss this incredible conversion that depicts Azrael,  Chapter Master of the Dark Angels in a noble pose with stunning NMM paint work.

Wow this EPIC Azrael Master of the Dark Angels turns 10 this year, and it is still as incredible as the first time I saw it all those years ago.

Kadiel 1 on DV

An older model i made back in 2008 that i reworked recently,depicting Azrael chapter master of the Dark Angels Space Marines from warhammer 40k universe.40 mm,scratchbuild,painted with acrylics using NMM technique

azrael_supreme_grand_master_of_the_dark_angels_by_kadiel1-d66mzlz azrael_supreme_grand_master_of_the_dark_angels_by_kadiel1-d66mze0 azrael_supreme_grand_master_of_the_dark_angels_by_kadiel1-d66myku azrael_supreme_grand_master_of_the_dark_angels_by_kadiel1-d66mz6b


Circles within Circles, Secrets within Secrets.


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