What Can It Hold? Battlebag Vs. Sabol & Battlefoam

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We put up the Battlebag Head to Head against Sabol Army Transport, and Battlefoam to give you our best apples to apples comparison on both pricing and storage.

Finding a way to safely transport armies, including large, winged Primarchs, has been a challenge. The Battle Bag might be a good solution!

The Battle Bag is a great way to transport miniatures around safely. These bags carry quite a few models and come with customization foam. Take a look at this newcomer to the army transportation systems and how it stands with some other familiar brands by scrolling down and pressing play on the video below!

The Battle Bag Standard Foam Build $169.99

battle bag


Double Stacking, Side-by-Side design allows for storage of over 450 (28mm) miniatures!  Zip-Down back design allows you to easily access and remove any tray in the bag!  Inside and outside pockets allow you to carry numerous books, templates, dice and even a handy drink holder is there for your favorite beverage!

Manufactured using the BEST materials and design. The Battle Bag has Metal clips vs. other bag’s easily broken plastic snaps.  Every sewn part of the bag is Quad-Stitched, giving top-of-the-line durability to every part of the Battle Bag – NO ripped, torn or pulled away straps on this bag!  Military grade material makes The Battle Bag nigh-invulnerable and easy to clean!  The Battle Bag is travel friendly, making for a great carry-on bag or, it can survive the luggage area if necessary!

Comes with a durable, removable, long shoulder strap.

Available in Black and Olive Drab Green.

The bag was designed so you can pick the heights of foam needed in two 12″ stacks. The Bare Bones foam was designed for the this bag.

The bag itself has tons of pockets, a spot for an ID card, and easy access to the foam trays itself. The standard loadout comes with: two 1″ foam trays; two 1.5″ foam trays; one 2″ foam tray; two 2.3″ foam trays; one 3″ foam tray; one 3.5″ foam tray; and one 4″ foam tray. Each tray is 11″x8″ wide. One downside is it does not have a hardened side, so you will need to be careful, but otherwise the bag fits a lot of miniatures and has some great uses. The foam trays can be purchased separately from the online store for $8.99 to 10.99, depending on the size.

battle bag 3

Compared to the Sabol army transport bag and the Battlefoam Pack 720, there are many pros and cons for each choice depending on what you are looking for. The Pack 720 starts at $179 and you can fit more foam trays into the bag if you get customized foam trays. You can fit around 126 models into the Pack 720 before you get to the 4″ foam trays. Compared to the Battle Bag, you will get about 120 figures if you customize the foam the same. The Sabol transport bag costs around $59 and does not include any foam trays – those are added as separate purchases. When purchased separately, at around $10 each, the bag will hold enough trays to get around 120 figures, depending on which foam and figures used.

Overall, these three bags have some versatility and give you a bit of variety for your buck. To see the comparison for yourself, be sure to press play on the video below!


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