Yellow Card Previews For Star Wars: Destiny

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Legacies Yellows

Fantasy Flight Games has released a preview of how yellow cards will work and and what you can do to get the most out of them!

The Yellow cards of Star Wars: Destiny Legacies represent scoundrels and scum, which have a long legacy of profiting off the conflict of the Star Wars galaxy. Yellow characters continue to have one last trick up their sleeve, even when their back is against the wall. For example, Greedo only has 7 health but is always able to get one last shot off with his special ability. Greedo can roll any number of his character die into the pool and resolve them right before he is defeated, potentially giving you a final burst of damage.

In pursuit and dead

Aside from supports, Yellow villains can mass-activate other abilities in a single turn. In Pursuit (Legacies, 94) invites you to activate all of your Yellow characters at once as they hone in on an opponent’s character. Yellow Villains will also have new ways to gain resources, including collecting on bounties with No Good to Me Dead (Legacies, 95). This event heals up to two damage from an opponent’s character in exchange for gaining resources.

Saw GererraYellow heroes have a legacy of courage and fearlessness when the time comes to act. The rebel leader Saw Gererra (Legacies, 48) is the perfect example of indirect damage in Star Wars: Destiny. His ability also hurts your opponent on multiple fronts—by both discarding a random card and dealing indirect damage equal to that card’s cost. Jar Jar Binks is one of the most unique characters in Star Wars: Destiny. For starters, any opponent may use an action to force you to activate Jar Jar. After he is activated, you and your opponent reroll all dice not showing the same symbol as one on Jar Jar’s character dice.  Jar Jar’s clumsiness can get in your own way. If you’re lining up the perfect move, your opponent may activate Jar Jar and force you to reroll dice already sitting on the perfect symbol.Jar Jar Boombas

These Boomas are imprecise, but can deal a ton of damage. Furthermore, as a Power Action, they can cascade, allowing you to roll an additional Runaway Boomas die into the field. Couple Boombas with Explosive Tactics and you can discard the top card of a deck and deal indirect damage to an opponent equal to that card’s cost, whittling down your opponent’s deck while damaging their characters.

Honda Ohnaka

Honda Ohnaka is the only neutral character in Legacies, and that makes him extremely versatile. During deck building, Hondo may be paired on a team with other hero or villain characters, but not both in the same team. He is not opposed to violence but he would rather make a profit, as shown by his special ability that can deal three damage to any character… unless your opponent gives you a resource.

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Destiny Booster

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Legacies, a new 160-card booster set for Star Wars™: Destiny

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