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Corasair Void

The newest audiobook from The Black Library is now available for pre-order. Let’s dive right in and see what’s new this week on the lore side of things!

Corsair: Face Of The Void (CD): $17.50


A Rogue Trader audio drama

Faced with a mystery, Rogue Trader Santiago and her crew soon find themselves with something much darker when they board a derelict craft.

Rogue Traders are a key – and under-explored – part of the Warhammer 40,000 lore, and James Swallow’s mastery of the audio format is sure to create a compelling tale about these fascinating figures.

Plying the stars and forgotten backwaters of the Imperium, Rogue Trader Captain Athene Santiago and her eclectic crew are chasing pirates when their quarry inexplicably vanishes, only to return a moment later. Unwilling to let her bounty go unclaimed, Santiago ventures aboard the now stricken vessel but what she finds defies reason and leads to a discovery of something ancient and terrifying that could threaten not only her crew and her ship but the entire sector.

Written by James Swallow.
Running time 65 minutes. Performed by Gareth Armstrong, Beth Chalmers, Cliff Chapman, Steve Conlin, Barnaby Edwards, Deeivya Meir and Genevieve Swallow.

This upcoming release is going to be a must for all you lore hounds out there.

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