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Gatormen Hordes art

Privateer Press has more Gatormen, Croaks, and more coming to HORDES in February. Come take a look at these upcoming monster miniatures!

Privateer Press already has a Gatrormen Army Box being released on January 19th. However, for those looking for a specific Gatormen, Croaks, or a Skorne warlock then you will have to wait until February. Slated for next are the Void Leeches, Gatorman Husk, the solo Longchops, Croak Trappers, the Gatorman Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron, Bone Shrines, and the Skorne warlock Lord Tyrant Hexeris. These miniatures come in blister packs and are a mix of resin/metal components. Below is a selection of the new releases.

Gatorman Husk: $17.99Gatorman Husk

The disgusting and bloated bodies of gatorman husks are stuffed near to bursting with all manner of venomous insects, and each new generation adds to the swarm wriggling within to distend the body ever further. Bokors direct these undead carriers at their enemies, hoping that a bullet or blade will puncture the husk’s swollen flesh. Even a small rupture causes the husk to burst into a grotesque, stinging cloud of swamp flies and worse that sows panic and disease among the enemy’s ranks.

Croak Trappers: $14.99

Croak Trappers

Adapting the hunting techniques they once used to secure food for their tribes, croak trappers wield nets and daggers to bring down a new sort of prey. Prowling through stream and river to surprise their quarry, trappers hurl their nets to ensnare a victim before descending on it with a flurry of dagger blows.

Lord Tyrant Hexeris: $17.99

Tyrant Hexeris

A master mortitheurge, Hexeris is unrivaled in the manipulations of life and death. He has lost the ability to empathize with the living and now sees them as machines with precisely analyzed thresholds for potential, injury, and pain. Those who speak to him leave feeling tainted, for his eyes pierce through to their immortal essence. Hexeris is skilled in battle and is strong enough to have been a Cataphract if his mind had not destined him for a darker path.

SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 74091 represents the same figure in the game as PIP 74003. The model in PIP 74091 is a new sculpt and therefore looks different from the model in PIP 74003. The replaced PIP will no longer be available from Privateer Press beginning February 2018.

These miniatures and more are available for pre-order online and at your FLGS. They will be released throughout the month of February. To see the full release listing, click here!

For more on these miniatures and the world of HORDES, visit Privateer Press!

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