Reckless Resistance: New Poe Build For X-Wing

Poe Dameron is a reckless Resistance fighter, but he will soon learn how to be a true leader. Grab hold of the controls in this T-70 build!

Resistance Hero Poe Dameron is one hell of a pilot,and it shows with his skill behind the stick of a T-70 X-Wing. This PS 9 Pilot is an Ace with his ability to change 1 of his focus results to a hit or evade whenever he has a focus token. Not bad! Let’s kick this baby into overdrive.

His trusty companion, BB-8 is a powerhouse of a little droid. When you reveal a green maneuver, you may perform a free barrel roll action. This can make for some unpredictable maneuvers for Poe and can get crazy with action chaining.

Ever the Daredevil, Poe often pushes his ship to the limit, and this elite upgrade is perfect for him. As an action, you may perform a red 1 turn left or right. This can line Poe up for some crazy shots, especially if you had just performed a BB-8 barrel roll. The only drawback is a stress token, but Poe has other tricks up his sleeves to mitigate that.

Aside from performing green maneuvers to clear stress, Primed Thrusters can make it so that stress shouldn’t be much of a problem for a top Resistance pilot. Stress tokens do not prevent you from performing boost or barrel roll actions unless you have 3 or more stress tokens. Daredevil away and fear not those stress tokens, as you can perform your BB-8 barrel roll even if you are stressed from your actions or maneuvers.

Always cool under pressure, Poe Dameron is one crazy pilot! Can you handle him in your squadron?

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