A Horde Of New Sculpts From Privateer Press

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trollkin infantry art

Privateer Press the creators of the smash hit Warmachine and Hordes Just released some new sculpts for old units. The big blue bullies the Trollbloods are back. let’s see what Privateer Press served up fresh for us!

Pyg Lookouts:  $34.99

Pygs make for particularly effective lookouts. The pygs’ natural hardiness and adaptability to the elements lets them stay in the field for an indefinite period. They have keen eyes and can spot approaching forces from a great distance. When battle begins, their size allows them to sneak about at the fringes of conflict and lie in wait unseen.

The Trollblood Scouts are a ragtag resourceful group of misfits who are known for their ability to survive off the land. Not only that but they are a superb fighting force that springs from cover to silently bury an ax into an enemy skull.

Winter Troll:  $19.99

Long feared by all who dwell in the frozen northern regions, this fierce troll happily endures extreme cold that would slay most living things. At one with ice and snow, winter trolls expel great gusts of frozen air that rip foes apart. Even striking a winter troll’s flesh prompts a backlash of intense cold that paralyzes its opponents.

The frozen northern regions hold many beasts that endure the Frigid cold, but few do it as happily as this experienced and battle warn winter troll. At one with his surroundings, he is a deadly foe that will entomb you within a spire of ice with a massive blast if icy breath!,  Even attacking such a beast will leave you with damaging shivers and make you think twice about a second attack.

These models are meant to be used as preexisting units to give your army a little extra kick of flavor and it will do just that. Pick yours up at your FLGS! or scoop them up on the Privateer Press website today!

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