Aspiring Rebel Build For Star Wars Armada

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The MC75 is breaking into the fight as a heavy hitter for the Rebels. This build has big Aspirations for the battle against the Empire.

Let’s get this party started with the newest addition to the Rebel fleet. The MC75 Armored Cruiser is built much like the MC80 and can take advantage of its broadsides, but has a deadly front arc that the Empire will think twice before messing with.

With this build, the new Aspiration title can boost shields in the arc that will see the most of combat. Aspiration is a 3 point upgrade that allows you to move shields around on your ship at the deploy forces step. You may move shields into 2 other hull zones but cannot exceed shield values of 6. This can work for broadside style play by changing the shields to hull zones most likely to be targeted. For instance, shunting shields around to the left hull zone, bringing it up to 6, can be your primary attacking hull zone, and the Aspiration can circle the battlefield, exposing only this hull zone. This can make a tough ship even tougher to take down. 

Since the MC75 has only 2 viable defense tokens, Electronic Countermeasures will be key to its success. The single Brace and Redirect will be needed to keep this ship going, and just one accuracy can shut them down. ECM allows you to use those accuracied tokens anyways, extending the life of your Aspiration!

Since we are favoring a broadside style battle plan, who better to lead that Admiral Ackbar. By using his ability, the MC75 can boost its attack dice to 5 red dice at long range and 5 dice and 2 blues at medium. This can decimate any small Imperial ship, and put a big dent in the larger Imperial cruisers. The limitation is that you must fire from your left and right hull zones only.

Time for Gunnery Team to shine! This allows you to attack another ship from your powerful side arc, with another full blast salvo from Admiral Ackbar. No Imperial ship will want to be near this beast once Aspiration hits the tabletop!

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