Brutal Boba & Bossk: Star Wars X-Wing

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Boba Fett is ready to get up close and personal with one of his bounty hunter buddies: Bossk. Watch out for this hunter team!

Boba Fett is a relentless bounty hunter that loves to get up close and personal with his prey. At PS 8, Boba can wait to pounce on lower skilled pilots and take advantage of his pilot ability. When Boba is attacking or defending, he may reroll 1 of his dice for every enemy at range 1. This means that Bob is a very in your face type pilot for X-Wing.

Getting close has its advantage, and this cannon upgrade takes advantage of that. The Arc caster works at range 1 and uses 4 attack dice. If this attack hits, another ship at range 1 of the defender suffers 1 damage as well. This could mean Boba, but if you have carefully placed yourself like a good bounty hunter, you can cause another enemy ship to take that damage for you!

Bossk is a great crew partner for Boba Fett. After you perform an attack that misses, you must receive 1 stress token (if you aren’t stressed already), gain 1 focus token, and acquire a target lock on the defender. This makes sure that you won’t miss a second time and that you have a focus to help you defend. 

Since Boba is all about being aggressive, it’s a good bet to show off his Fearlessness. When attacking, if you are in the defender’s firing arc at range 1, you may add 1 hit result to your roll. This can boost Boba’s damage up to 5 if you roll the dice well.

Boba Fett is closing in on his targets. They will wish that they had never crossed his path!

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